Baked Balance-n-Brighten

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Baked Balance-n-Brighten
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Let us balance your skin tone and brighten your day! Our beloved Balance-n-Brighten foundation makes shade matching your skin tone a breeze. Color correcting swirls of multicolored liquid pigments are baked for 24 hours on terracotta tiles, then hand-finished in Italy. The result is weightless, creamy coverage that self-adjusts to leave skin looking even, flawless and beautifully radiant. Baked products are made without additional fillers, so they cover with less product than traditional powders. Infused with antioxidants Centella Asiatica and White Tea Extracts, Balance-n-Brighten gives you luminous perfecting coverage you’ll love!


1. Swirl your Laura Geller Retractable Powder Brush in to your Baked Balance-n-Brighten compact, then retract the brush to its closed state, and place the cap on. Now, you have your Baked Balance-n-Brighten easily accessible at the gym for quick touch-ups after working out. Plus, there’s no fillers or binders in Baked Balance-n-Brighten, which means your pores won’t become clogged during your workouts, or simply anytime you’re on-the-go!

2. Tighten the barrel of your Laura Geller Retractable Powder Brush, then dip the brush in to the lightest pigment of your Baked Balance-n-Brighten, then apply under your eyes as concealer.


Porcelain:  Doll-like complexion. Alabaster skin.
Fair: If Porcelain is too light for you and you have a bit more warmth to your skin.
Light: If you are on the lighter end of the Medium spectrum. Medium is just a touch too dark for you.
Medium: True medium. Good default color if you are not sure what shade you are.
Golden Medium: Medium is just a little too light for you, but you don’t quite have that Mediterranean glow all year round.
Sand: Tan is just a little too dark for you, but you are warmer than Golden Medium.
Tan: Golden olive all year round.
Deep: Cocoa complexion.
Toffee: Warm, rich deep cocoa.

Still need help? Try our shade finder!


Balance-n-Brighten Color Correcting Foundation

Regular (Medium), Tan, Fair


Golden Medium, Deep, Sand, Light, Toffee

How To Use

TO USE: Use all over face in place of foundation or with your favorite base for an even and healthy glow. Mix with Bronze-n-Brighten to achieve a flawlessly bronzed complexion.


  • Review by Teresa
    Great foundation

    Love this foundation, it's very easy and fast to apply. It has a nice coverage and give me some color.

  • Review by Debbie
    Long time user of Balance and brighten

    I have been using Balance and Brighten for many years now. I occasionally switch to something else then I come right back to Laura Geller. I use the medium. I started using her products when the color was called original or something like that. I like how it evens out my skin tone and just makes my complexion even. I will say that I have played with other colors on BB and I can wear anywhere from fair up to medium and it still looks right.

  • Review by Annamaria .


  • Review by Caitlin
    A staple

    I’ve used up and repurchased this product multiple times over the past few years. I can use it alone to get a lighter, natural look or apply it lightly over liquid foundation to add coverage and even color correct if the shade is off. I have oily skin and this gives a natural glow without making me too greasy.

  • Review by Jill
    Ultimate Multi-Tasker

    I have this in three shades and always carry one of them with me. I use it as an eyeshadow base, on its own as a nude, matte eyeshadow, highlighter, contour, over foundation, touch up-during-the-day-foundation, concealer, and finally, yes, in place of foundation. I'm 50 years old with dry skin and I even use this under the eyes with no issues. Spackle underneath and set with Spackle mist and a sponge, and I'm good to go.

  • Review by Aliecake
    Oily skin, weird base color... no problem

    I bought this after reading a random google article. I have a hate-hate relationship with most foundations. My skin had become extremely oily after treating my acne. I also have a "fair peach complection". Meaning normally - neutrals look yellow, warms look orange, and cools look pink on my skin (I usually go for cools, they look better).
    So nothing looked good, nothing stayed "put". I hate matte finishes. I previously needed primers and setting sprays and blotting powders, and lots of prayer.
    Anything "natural" or "dewy" slicked off my face within 2 hours. Usually, so did "matte" finishes too. I also had dark spots caused by a necessary medication.
    I tried Laura Geller in Light. Now, this color was too dark for me. However, no one said it looked bad. In fact, people said it looked good. When I first put it on I felt I looked orangey. But after an hour my natural oils mixed in and it looked amazing. It didnt run, or pill, or weep. It looked very dewy and fresh, but not oily.
    At the end of a 12 hour day in summer it still looked good, maybe even better than when I put it on. So I tried fair, and even porcelain. Just amazing.

    The thing is with this foundation, the color doesnt need to match perfectly, because the light will reflect off your face in a way that it just works.

    the coverage is light to medium. Usually I prefer full coverage. However, my problem spots are far less noticeable with this than a heavy full coverage foundation.

    To add, I used to use primer and setting sprays to get my foundation to last. With this I need neither. So Im saving boku bucks and looking better.

  • Review by Kristen
    Pleasantly surprised

    As someone who has chronic dry skin, finding makeup is like searching for buried treasure. I never thought I could use a powder foundation that actually looked better than my liquid ones, although that’s not saying much since by 11am my liquid ones dissolve off and my roseasea starts becoming glaringly obvious. However, I randomly tried this and a few other Laura Geller products because I’m on the never ending journey to find makeup to cover rosacea, one that will last on my face last 12pm, and I’m really into the dewy look. This delivers on nearly all accounts. It stays on my face, looks good, and if I do need to reapply the reapplication is super seamless (as opposed to liquids which always look cakey on me). Great purchase!

  • Review by Elyse

    I LOVE this product. Wonderful to use as a very light coverage by itself. When put on top of a liquid or cream foundation it literally can make your face look flawless. I have a feeling this will be in my makeup bag forever.

  • Review by Jay
    Wonderful Product ! Love ittt

    This powder foundation is everything! Me and my mom can't get enough of it, in fact we even ordered more! Feels like a second skin LMAO!

  • Review by Tlbyker
    Very pleasantly surprised!!!!

    Wow, I am pleasantly surprised. I used another mineral foundation for 20+ and they recently had a color change and I was having difficulty finding a color match for me. I purchased this foundation to give it a shot and WOW, I like it a lot. While only using a bit, the coverage is very good - never got such good coverage on my nose in 20+ with the other product I used. Love this and can't wait to try the illuminating foundation next. Only one change I would make is that it contained some spf - but hopefully sometime soon that will happen. If so, then it will be a total 100% hit!!!

  • Review by Lisa
    Helps me look & feel younger!

    This foundation is amazing, Laura! You just keep making things better & better!!! :) I like to layer the light and medium shades to make my "perfect" shade. You recently had a 50% off day, and I was in heaven, getting these for half price! Thank you! Thank you!

  • Review by Brady
    Flawless Finish!

    I loved Baked Balance-N-Brighten powder! When I use this powder foundation, people always tell me how soft and beautiful my skin looks! I can use it beautifully on it's own, or to add coverage and a beautiful finish to liquid makeup!

  • Review by Suz
    Great foundation

    I have been using this foundation for quite a few years. I have tried other powder foundations but none compare with this one! I make sure I always have a compact in my purse just in case I need to touch up a spot.

  • Review by DeDe
    Great product

    I just love this product! Received in a set...I will never use any other foundation! My face looks flawless with this..I use to be a IT longer...I'm a Laura gal! Can't wait to try other products..blush etc..great formula!

  • Review by Hailey

    I love the concept and color, but it does not give the full coverage I was hoping for.

  • Review by Melissa .
    Best foundation

    I received this in a kit and I’m amazed! I love powder foundations for its quick application and coverage. This one is the absolute BEST since it starts out as a liquid and then baked to perfection. Doesn’t look dry or cakey. Smooths over fine lines and large pores. I’m now a Geller Gal.

  • Review by Miss M.
    Absolutely love this product

    I absolutely love this foundation. I have been using it for two years now. I’m 50 and found that liquid foundations made me look much older. I bought the kit for the love of chocolate and love it. Fast delivery and great price. I will continue to buy this product.

  • Review by ELLIE
    Love it!

    The best powder foundation! After trying multiple different brands, this is the only powder foundation that is light weight and provides amazing coverage.

  • Review by Nikki
    New light shade please!

    I use this to set my liquid foundation every day and it’s lovely. I wish they had a lighter shade with neutral undertones. Porcelain is light enough but really pink. Otherwise great product!

  • Review by JKin

    Love this powdered foundation. Please please please make a light foundation with less pink than Porcelain. Fair is too dark For me to wear other than in the dead of summer and while porcelain is light enough it is very pink toned.

  • Review by Cara
    More shades please

    I love this powder foundation, except for the shade range. I'm very light but not the lightest and porcelain is very light and very pink so it looks like chalk on my face, but fair is very tan. It's way too dark to be a fair shade. If LG could make one or two more shades in between porcelain and fair I would buy this for sure. I loved the way it looked on my skin it was very skin like and you don't often find that with powder foundations. If you can find a shade that works for you go for it, I don't think you'll regret it.

  • Review by Turtles
    Better than Bare Minerals

    This is replacing my Bare Minerals foundation for many reasons.
    It gives fuller coverage than any powder product I've used and it does not look like you smeared chalk all over your face. It actually has a creamy finish that looks like natural skin.
    In other brands I wear the lightest or second lightest shade, in this case Fair did run dark on me, so I would choose a lighter shade next time.

  • Review by Nina
    The best-Better than Bare Minerals...yup, I went there

    I stumbled upon this foundation whilst looking into the ever so popular Bare Minerals foundation. It looked so intriguing to me with all of the different colors mixed into one pan and it’s what made me want to try it because it seemed much more skin-like. And well, the rest was history. After using this for over 2 yrs I can honestly say that i have no interest in venturing out to buy a different powder foundation. They won’t cut it and i’m perfectly okay with that.

  • Review by Laci
    Very disappointed

    I was so hopeful and wanted this foundation to work for me, but it didn't apply well, and within 10 minutes of applying my pores were enormous. I think Laura is a sweet lady but sadly I am not going to be a Geller girl.

  • Review by Super Pale Geller G.
    Laura, I need your help!!!!! Please. Please!!

    Laura, this is my holy grail & I use it daily !!!
    Just need a little help because I have yellow undertone Italian skin, but I’m so so so fair!!
    Porcelain is too pink for me, but I’ve tried 4 palettes of it trying to get enough of the “white” pieces to mix with light. I buy tons & tons of the “light” palettes in order to find ONE that is light enough for me!! I know it seems crazy, but I can’t possibly be the only super fair girl out there with yellow undertones..??! I actually use the single eyeshadow/highlighter called FRENCH vanilla AS my foundation/concealer sometimes !! I mix it with the “light” palettes that come that are a little too dark for me. Can you help with another super pale shade, please please with sugar on top...???!!

  • Review by Lisa
    Second (Smoother) Skin

    Surprised how much I love this powder foundation on my mid-40s skin. Great coverage for light makeup days, doesn't set in or cake, nice silky finish.

  • Review by Angela

    Really great.

  • Review by Summer
    My favorite foundation!

    I love this product! The foundation goes on so well and blends perfectly into your skin. Easy to build up coverage too without looking cakey, which is good for me since I have acne!

  • Review by Claire
    Beautiful, subtle glow

    I've been using this foundation for about a month, and I really love it. It has a beautiful velvety finish that doesn't look too matte on my skin. I have found it to be long-wearing and it doesn't oxidize. I bought this as part of a kit and I am so glad I've gotten to try so many Laura Geller products, I hadn't tried anything before this and I have really been missing out! I love how effective the products are, and they seem to be created with the every day woman in mind. The products give a naturally glowy look without too much shimmer or dewiness and I think this is my new favorite brand!

  • Review by JennyD
    Summer Perfection

    I find that Baked Balance-N-Brighten is THE perfect foundation for the warmer/hot months. It always looks completely fresh, never runs, never looks sticky, just perfectly natural and beautiful. It is my go-to especially in Summer.

  • Review by Terry

    I 1st tried Laura Geller Baked Balance-N-Brighten a few years ago when watching QVC one night and was impressed with the results I saw. I have many broken capillaries on my face and I could not find any foundation that would cover well and not feel like I had a caked on mess on my face.....until Laura Geller!! I LOVE this product and never looked back. I use the fair shade through the winter months and once summer arrives I go to the medium. You cannot tell I have any REDNESS at all, and I CANNOT tell I even have coverage on. Laura, NEVER stop making this product! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

  • Review by Susan
    Fair Girl

    I am a very fair woman and have trouble finding a good color match. LG has the best color match for my skin! My skin looks radiant thanks to Balance and Brighten. I wear Porcelain.

  • Review by Crystal
    Makeup that lasts

    I really love this foundation. For years I have looked for a foundation that felt good on my skin since it is so very oily. I don't "Shine" like I used to with liquid makeup or other powder ones. This makeup lasts on my face, and I don't have to touch-up my makeup like I used to.

  • Review by SK

    been using medium for a while now, love it. Just bought golden medium that is a better color for me. Best powder foundation

  • Review by GingerSparkles .
    Neither sweat nor rain, nor gloom of night....It stays perfect thru the night!

    This foundation in porcelain on me looked amazing! For it to truly work for me that's not enough, so I put it thru its paces. I live in an area that gets 115 degree temps. So I went running. I forgot about the makeup being on and wiped my hand roughly across my face. Freaking out a second later about what I'd done, I realized NOTHING came off! Next I splashed a little water on my face. Again, still looks perfect. When my experiment was done that night, after 8 hours it looked almost exactly like it did when first applied. I used primer and a setting spray, but no other makeup using those has come close to doing this well. I highly recommend!!!

  • Review by Jasmine
    Love it!

    Looks great on and stays for a long time, with or without the Spackle. Only need to retouch when it's really hot outside.

  • Review by Alexa
    Favorite Powder Foundation

    I have been using this foundation for many years and don't see myself changing anytime soon. It creates the perfect finish and has great coverage. I wear Medium year round too!

  • Review by Anna .
    I use this everyday.

    This is my go to foundation everyday. It works great over a BB/CC cream for a little more coverage, it works great on top of liquid foundation to set it, and it's great on its own for days when I don't want a lot of makeup but I still want to even my skin tone out. I've gone through so many of these over the years and I will continue to repurchase it. It's a great product.

  • Review by marlee

    What a treat... this is the most unique foundation I have used. Fabulous. Love it.

  • Review by Carol
    The Best Foundation

    Love this foundation. It balances out your skin tone and blends in perfectly. I am 66 years old and it is the absolute best foundation out there. Plus no parabens is a definite plus and made in Italy, not China is another big plus to me.

  • Review by Cathy
    Must buy!

    I love the way my skin looks after I apply this. It looks so natural and flawless.

  • Review by Heather B .
    Great for oily skin!!

    I love the way my skin looked!! It works great with oily skin!! Definitely a must have!!

  • Review by Jumping J.
    Blends nicely with my skin.

    This is my first foray into Laura Geller cosmetics. It works well and stays on throughout the day. It just felt like I needed to apply a little more than I should have had to. Maybe it's me and I'm just not quite used to it. It blended nicely with my skin.

  • Review by Aimee
    Absolutely amazing!

    Instantly fell in love with this product on first use! Great coverage smooth finish, and lightweight!

  • Review by sweetcakes
    a creamy, dreamy lift in a compact

    I just cant get over how great this goes on like a dream, lasts all day, never settles into lines or pores and looks fabulous! It is just like nothing else. It feels creamy and just glides on. It really does balance everything out and never looks cakey, dry or fake. It's like invisible but you know its covering stuff and suddenly you are a better version of yourself with an inner light. I agree with Suzanne, it makes you feel better, seriously. Just sorry I waited so long to get these products. So get it, you wont be sorry at all.

  • Review by NaNaJme
    Highly recommend for all ages!

    My daughter and grand-daughters love this foundation. I actually wear it from time to time as well and love it. That covers ages from 16 to 56 with different skin issues. It's wonderful that you can choose the amount of coverage as well. I would highly recommend. Thanks Laura!

  • Review by Jennifer
    Best foundation ever!

    Best foundation ever! I had always wanted to use foundation but could never find the right color. This blends so easily and looks completely natural!

  • Review by Kathie

    My favorite foundation. It doesn't go on like a powder. It is creamy just like Laura says. I can build up if I need to for more coverage. The color matched perfectly!

  • Review by Deanna
    Natural look for dry skin

    I have very dry skin and a fair complexion. I have tried so many different types of foundation, but this one is by far, the best!! It does not make my face look "cakey" like liquid foundations and looks very natural. It is so easy to apply, being a mineral powder foundation. I love the many colors in the makeup too and feel that it gives my face an all-over glow.

  • Review by Nicole
    Toffee is the Perfect Shade for Darker Women of Color

    I recently purchased the new Toffee Balance and Brighten. I am a woman of color and I wanted to try the Toffee shade. I am so glad Laura Geller made a shade darker than the Deep shade. The Deep shade looked ok on my skin, but it was a bit too yellow. However, the Toffee shade is a perfect match with the right amount of red undertones without being too dark or ashy. Bravo Laura for making the Toffee shade for us women of color who do not have yellow undertones.

  • Review by Lily M.
    He was right!

    This is the first product I have ever used by Laura Geller (it was included in the Party Pretty set that I purchased from QVC).
    I have to admit that I have always overlooked Laura Geller when it was being sold at Macy's and Sephora but after hearing a great review on makeup artist Wayne Goss Channel on YouTube I decided I had to try it and I must admit that he was right!
    my face has issues so the coverage is not enough for me but it works really well over my Givenchy Foundation and my new LG Radiance Foundation.
    BTW: I wear MAC NC15 so I chose the color Fair.

  • Review by Kimiikimbaa
    Perhaps best for oily skin

    Honestly I found this powder to be a bit drying.. this is probably perfect for those with oily skin, as I always use powder but have never felt this way about one before.
    I don't find it provides enough coverage for my semi-flawed sking (so perhaps this is for people who literally don't need makeup to cover any acne but wear it just because they have rosacea or freckles or something...), though it does wear nicely over the liquid foundation I own. That being said, this powder is not worth the price tag for the purpose it serves me. I have it in light and it is a bit dark than you'd expect.. would probably be perfect in the summer though. I'd return it except I am unable, as I bought it online. Love her other products though :)

  • Review by Bri

    I'm very fair with brownish red hair. I have never been able to find a powder to match my skin tone. Products I have tried in the past have been either too white or too pink/orange. Porcelain is like a second skin for me. Thanks Laura :)

  • Review by Jules
    Just Awesome

    I love balance n brighten! It's great coverage and looks good all day.

  • Review by Alice
    Beautiful but dark

    This is a gorgeous powder foundation that doesn't settle into fine lines HOWEVER - I find it runs a bit dark. I am NC20 and I thought the shade "fair" would work but it's slightly too dark. I can't attest to the rest of the shades, but I would say that if you're fair skinned, you should get porcelain (even if you never need that shade from other companies!)

  • Review by Nissy
    Really great

    I really like how this doesn't make me look too cakey. However, I have a pretty light complexion and find myself between porcelain and fair. I think porcelain would be too light, but now that we're getting into winter time, fair is beginning to be a little too dark for me.

  • Review by Crystal
    Great product

    I love this foundation. Im glad you have new shades now. I originally bought medium when it was shown on qvc. I would like to try the golden med or sand. I prefer this over the it cosmetics celebration foundation which i had high hopes for. I love that it doesn't go in cakey or leave a white over case. I will forever buy this product.

  • Review by Virginia

    Absolutely love this product. Purchased in the golden medium shade and it is remarkable. Blends on so well for sheer coverage that makes skin look great.

  • Review by Care

    I have very sensitive skin and have a hard time finding makeup that doesn't make me break out. This makeup is worth every penny. I will be wearing this as long as it's made.

  • Review by Leasha

    I was hesitant but glad I ordered on her other site. Truly is a great product!

  • Review by VAdoglover4
  • Review by Brenda
    Truly love it

    I love it. I always had trouble with finding the right shade and not looking natural until this product. It was given as a gift to me and now I'm hooked.

  • Review by Jody
    Awesome Powder Foundation

    I am so glad you came out with the new shades. Originally I purchased this from QVC and got the medium. My skin tone is between light and medium and finding a color is difficult. The medium gave me a little bit of a tan color and in the winter it was just too dark. I ordered the light and it is almost perfect. I wish it had just a hint of a darker color, but I can get by with the light. I use it over Spackle and it glides on. I will probably order the medium again to use in areas where I want to add a few highlights. I will definitely being purchasing more -- especially Balance n Brighten and the Spackle.

  • Review by Melia
    Awesome product!

    This is the BEST foundation by far I've ever used! Wow! I love how you can layer on the coverage without it feeling heavy. When I use this over the spackle it lasts all day, easy. I also ended up getting fairly tanned this summer and the powder actually adjusted to my color! Impressed!

  • Review by Hasiba
    Best foundation ever

    I have been using this for more than 5 years and it's the only foundation I will ever continue to use. It is the best.

  • Review by Ann
    Baked Balance-n-Brighten

    I ordered the Baked Balance-n-Brighten in golden medium. I did not find much of a difference between the golden medium and the medium. Still like the product.

  • Review by Sally
    Covers great yet super light on skin

    Amazing coverage and light enough for my skin! I love it

  • Review by Marlo
    BEST there is!!!

    I am so glad I found these products! I got the medium and it is a perfect match, great coverage and lasts through the day. I had been using another product for about 9 years and am now switching to this...I just LOVE it!!!

  • Review by Mar
    LOVE it!

    I am so glad that I found your products! I had been using another for about 9 years and it started to just not cut it. This foundation goes on great and has a wonderful color. I find it to be long lasting through the day. After I apply, I tap the compact into another so none is wasted or use for touch ups!

  • Review by KT Marie .
    Perfect powder foundation

    This is the best powder foundation I've used. I use it over my liquid if I'm going out or just use it over primer if I'm running errands and want a nice light coverage for the day. I've been using it for years and recommend it to all my friends ! The different pigments allow me to use it during the summer or winter.

  • Review by Melisssa
    Loving New Shade "Light"

    I have been using this powder in fair for about a year and this is the best foundation I have ever used. I just received the new color "light" and it is a perfect match for me! Thank you for creating more shades.

  • Review by G

    This is unlike anything on the market and has been my one and only foundation for 10+ years. I would be lost without it

  • Review by Linda
    Great find

    Love this product. I tried it on a whim and now I use it all the time. I tell everyone about it.. Give it a try!

  • Review by Priscilla
    Best ever

    I don't know what I was doing before I purchased this. It's so lightweight on my skin and just gives that overall cover up and glow. It covers my redness around my nose and makes my face less shiny too. I use it every day and just adore this product.

  • Review by Sweet P.
    Simply Amazing

    This foundation is amazing. I do not want to go through alot of steps to apply my makeup. I love how I can swirl this together, apply and look good. I chose the light and it is perfect for my coloring. I am 62 and it does not settle into my wrinkles.

  • Review by Meshell
    Best Powder Foundation

    This is the BEST Baked powder on the market! I have used it for years and have tried other powders to compare to but this is the one that truly covers my flaws and doesn't make my face look dried out. I am so excited that i found Laura Geller's Site, I have always ordered her products from another site and noticed that she had her own site as well as a % off coupon. Happy to be a part of the Geller Team :)

  • Review by dj
    Love this balance & Brighton.

    Love this. I have been using this for years. Its so light and goes one so evenly.

  • Review by Kristen
    Love it!

    This stuff is awesome. It provides really good coverage, especially doubled with concealer just where you need it. It kind of blurs everything out and just looks soft and pretty. It's really comfortable to wear and easy to apply. When layered over spackle it lasts all day.

  • Review by Felecia
    Beautiful foundation

    I just ordered this from QVC in "deep". The color is great and gives a flawless finish. As a woman of color this is perfect for me.

  • Review by LUCIA
    Best Foundation Ever

    This is the best foundation on earth. I've tried them all and this one is my favorite. Laura, I wish the foundation had a SPF in it to make things easier, one less step in my make up routine, but perhaps its something to consider in the upcoming future. Thanks and I will be a life long customer.

  • Review by Susan
    Won't use any other brand.

    This is the best foundation I have ever used.

  • Review by Jenn

    I absolutely love this foundation! The coverage is amazing and so light on the skin. I've always used a liquid foundation in the past and was hesitant to give this a try. I have not been disappointed and love the results!

  • Review by IzzeT
    Great East Flawless Foundation

    Loved it but I need to put moisturizer on first or it looks too dry on my mature skin. Really does what it claims and evens my tone. I received this in a kit along with the baked bronzer and wore it all summer for a wonderful glow. During the winter I tended to migrate back to my LG stick foundation. I just love Laura's innovation in products.

  • Review by Teresa
    The BEST foundation!

    This is my favorite foundation ever! I have very sensitive skin, and this is so comfortable. When I use Spackle and this apply this, I feel like it's always a good makeup day. I get great coverage without a heavy feel, even if I apply more to cover my redness. I truly feel like I look like me, but much more polished. Thank you Laura for making such a great product!

  • Review by Kelli
    Fabulous Foundation

    This product is amazing! My skin starts out dry in the morning and gets super oily by mid-afternoon. This foundation works fabulously with both types. I love that the coverage is buildable. I ordered this on auto-delivery from QVC and it came with the kabuki brush. Loved it!

  • Review by Maria

    Love it evened my skin tone

  • Review by Tabitha
    awesome product

    My favorite powder foundation! Super excited to try the new liquid!

  • Review by Tabitha
    awesome payday

    My favorite powder foundation! So excited to try the new liquid!

  • Review by Lea-Lea

    Honestly, finding foundation that suits my skin tone - that is, super pale - is really hard. My foundation always ends up a few shades darker than my normal neck tone. But this foundation is amazing. It helps keep my skin from getting too oily and the porcelain is actually a really nice, light shade. This foundation also provides really good coverage; not only it can give you the bare-minimum coverage, but it can also provide full coverage without looking caked. I would definitely recommend this foundation to everyone.

    P.S. I have bought this product twice now and will soon be doing it a third time.

  • Review by Cassandra
    Will Purchase again and again

    So beautiful. Love it better than my hourglass Etheral Glow.
    To fair ladies who may be concerned about the colors- I'm very pale, Mac doesn't have a color light enough for me to reference. However, brands like Geller that offer few colors usually don't offer one light enough for me, but Porcelain is great! Highly recoomend!

  • Review by Londi

    This is by far the best foundation I have ever used, and I've tried them all, it gives amazing coverage and a little goes a long way.... I loved it so much i bought my mom one also, because I want everyone to use this, and it matches her skin and covers her sun/age spots perfectly. I will use this for the rest of my life. #loveit

  • Review by Melissa
    Best Foundation Ever

    I have used Laura Geller cosmetics since she first came on QVC. I absoulutely love this foundation. It goes on smoothley and is perfectly blended when you put it on. I can't say enough about it.

  • Review by Felecia
    Fantastic product

    This foundation is lightweight and does a wonderful job of covering and highlighted in your skin! I am African American and I use the tan, but I am going to also order the deep.

  • Review by Chaya
    Absolutely amazing product. I got two!!!

    This is the first time that I used a product by Laura Geller. I bought the Fair and the porcelain and I love both of them. They both work well with my skin tone, each adding something a little different. I just hope that my daughter does not "borrow" my products.

  • Review by Debbie
    Love Balance-n- Brighten

    I absolutely love this product, I have been using this for years. It's light and I don't feel like I have anything on my face. The colors are true to your pigments. I get so many compliments on my skin. I tell them It's Laura Gellar. Then they want to know where do I get some? Keep up the great beauty Laura!!!

  • Review by Julie
    Awesome! Laura

    This is awesome!!!!! I feel like there is nothing on my face, and feels like velvet, I am 54 years old and it makes my face look flawless! Thanks Laura your the best.

  • Review by Nicole
    Perfect for Porcelain!

    I'm very very fair and it is so hard to find a foundation that is light enough for me. Even "fair" for most brands is WAY too dark for me. The Porcelain Balance-n-Brighten is absolute perfection! I also have very sensitive skin and have no problems using this. I use it for very light coverage, but it's definitely buildable if you want it to be.

  • Review by pty 82937 M.
  • Review by Cleopatra .
    I'm really happy that I made this purchase. I have wasted so much money buying makeup online, and never getting around to sending it back. This foundation lives up to its description.

    I love this foundation. I have light skin with neutral undertones and purchased the foundation in fair. The color is perfect. Because it swirls a couple of different tones together it does not come out looking flat or too powdery, but really does brighten up my complexion. It doesn't cake in or sit into lines and wrinkles which a lot of powder foundations can do. It gives a nice medium coverage and can be applied without even using a mirror. Really great for those rushed mornings.

  • Review by Heather
    Absolutely love!

    I absolutely love this product! I usually mix the porcelain and fair for a perfect look! I have very combination skin and this does well keeping it balanced! It also seems like the product lasts forever!

  • Review by Katie
    Great product!

    Great product! I use as a finishing powder to the foundation. This leaves my skin glowing!

  • Review by QUEEN B.

    The Baked Balance N Brighten is the perfect foundation for a quick make up and is also perfect for a finishing powder over a liquid/creme foundation. I didn't use it alone for a while and have now see what a quick make up can be. It is lighter alone and is perfect over foundation for evening wear.

  • Review by QUEEN B.

    The Baked Balance N Brighten is the perfect foundation for a quick make up and is also perfect for a finishing powder over a liquid/creme foundation. I didn't use it alone for a while and have now see what a quick make up can be. It is lighter alone and is perfect over foundation for evening wear.

  • Review by Kathryn
    Love this!

    This is the best product ever! I use this over a tinted moisturizer and it acts like a foundation as well as a powder. It hides any imperfections and finishes the look flawlessly. I can never be without this product. Love it!

  • Review by Heather .
    Sensitive Beauty

    Another great product review from a lady with very sensitive skin. This powered gives great coverage. You can apply it lightly or build it up, either way my skin still looks great and I don't feel like I have make up on.

  • Review by Brooke N.
    Absolietly a must have! <3

    I absolutely love this foundation. Used with a little concealer (for dark circles/acne/scars) it's perfect. The porcelain shade is beyond amazing, especially for fair skinned red heads. It helps cut redness and slightly camouflage freckles to give your face a much more even skin tone. It's my favorite product and what has drawn me in to loving many LG products.

  • Review by Marti
    My go to foundation!!!!

    As a make-up artist I like to try new products so I tried thebalance n brighten and I have to tell you I was impressed. I turned 65 this year and don't usually try powder foundations because they usually settle in any lines or wrinkles I have under my eyes, not this one. This leaves a very smooth finish, even under my eyes. I have found my new go to foundation.


  • Review by Cheryl
    A Holy Grail product!

    After years of being amazed by my Mother's Laura Geller collection, I finally decided to try it. So very pleased with the results. Makes getting ready a snap, coverage is great and lasts all day. I now have a Laura Geller addiction and I do admit it! LOL

  • Review by Nicole

    I love this foundation. Its feels so sheer and flawless. I will not use another foundation ever again. Laura Geller is the best.

  • Review by Joyce
    Fair is too yellow, but a nice formula

    This foundation is lightweight and medium coverage. It's quick to apply and easily covers flaws while maintaining a natural look on the skin. My main gripes are that it applies very uneven due to the different colors in the powder and that the color fair is VERY yellow.

  • Review by S242
    Best Foundation Ever

    I cannot say enough good things about this foundation! I do not like to feel like I am wearing make-up and I don't like the look of most products. But this feels light, makes my skin appear flawless, never looks like I am wearing foundation, and yet evens my skin tone and doesn't break me out. Highly recommend this foundation!!

  • Review by Celeste .
    Love Love Love

    I love this power. I've been using it for about 2 years now and love the coverage and the light, airy feeling and the ease of applying it and taking it off.

  • Review by jessica

    I love love love this it makes me look even, glowing, and younger, i wish it had a tad more coverage but its an ultimate must have

  • Review by Gemma
    love it

    I have fair skin and this item is amazing

  • Review by Sandi
    silky silky silky!!

    I ordered tan. Being 62 I was leery of a powder foundation but no more! The correcting properties of this is fa nominal and skin is silky smooth. Also I can skip the bronzer step as the tan with my self tanner is plenty! A little goes a very long way.

  • Review by Melissa
    Holy Grail Forever!!!

    I bought a kit that had this in full size. It only took using it once to know this will be a holy grail product of mine forever! I use it as a finishing powder and it just gives you the most ethereal glow. You just look airbrushed and flawless! I ADORE THIS!!!

  • Review by in love with B.
    best foundation ever

    this is so perfect. Apply spackle then this and you have even natural looking foundation all day long. Evens out skin tone, easy to apply, product last a long time, buildable coverage, so simple and easy. one word = Perfection

  • Review by Donna
    Love the foundation!

    This is the greatest foundation ever. It covers well and is so easy to use, just brush it on in the morning and it stays on all day. I love it. The fair is perfect for me. Please don't ever stop making it!

  • Review by Amy
    Best Powder Foundation I've ever tried!

    I absolutely LOVE this foundation. I've tried other brush on powders and liked those, as well. But, this really blew me away. It goes on so easy, covers remarkably well and stays put all day. What's not to love?

  • Review by Marieann
    Easy application!

    Ordered from QVC,does exactly what Laura says,2 seconds to apply,add some blush,lip out the door you go!

  • Review by Marieann

    Ordered from QVC medium balance and Brighton,Laura exactly what you say is true,2 seconds to apply add blush,quick lip and out the door you go,I absolutely love this!

  • Review by Make up J.
    Well color me impressed!

    Just purchased this foundation in porcelain, I wasn't sure what to expect. I've seen it presented on QVC countless times but strayed away because of Talc being in it. I love powder foundation's and had tried almost every higher end brand and as years have past changed brands many times because the older I get the more powder foundations settle in my wrinkles, talk free or not! I used a brand previously that works in collaboration with plastic surgeon's and IT covers very well but was horrible at settling in lines! Figured I had nothing to lose giving this a shot. Well, I'm pleasantly surprised. This foundation is not what I consider full coverage, but it does cover. This did settle in my deepest lines (forehead) but I think I just applied too much to that area. Mind you, I'm always using at least ten times magnification when I apply. Happily it did not settle in around the mouth or eyes, it's been a very long time a powder foundation hasn't done that! This leaves my skin with a very natural looking beautiful radiance, not matte, not super glowing or oily looking. I have to say Ms Geller, I'm impressed. I just recently ordered the TSV balance and glow on the Q and I'm just as hopeful I'll be converted back to a powder foundation. For that, I thank you!

  • Review by Lisa
    Foundation Perfection

    I've just started using Laura Geller's Baked Balance and Brighten. I love the coverage this foundation provides and it is lightweight. My skin tone is a combination of light and medium. It is so difficult to find a good foundation. Normally I need to purchase two different shades of foundation to match my skin tone. That becomes costly and time consuming. I purchased this in fair and it's a perfect match. I'm very impressed with this foundation and looking forward to purchasing more of Laura's products.

  • Review by Nana
    Love it!

    Love Love this product it covers great.

  • Review by LISA

    Finally, I have found a Perfect product for my face. Started Using this Soft, Silky Baked Foundation-when I was about 43. My Skin felt like Satin & had a. Beautiful Glow that was so Natural..It made me feel & Look much younger, My husband & friends noticed a difference right away. It does not emphasize my creases or get cakey after time, I Can Re-Apply it A Couple Times a day, as needed. Simply Perfection !! I'm. Almost 50 Now & still Devoted to Only Laura's Products. They have kept my skin extremely Healthy) over the years!! I Love being A Gellar Girl

  • Review by LISA

    Finally, I have found a Perfect product for my face. Started Using this Soft, Silky Baked Foundation-when I was about 43. My Skin felt like Satin & had a. Beautiful Glow that was so Natural..It made me feel & Look much younger, My husband & friends noticed a difference right away. It does not emphasize my creases or get cakey after time, I Can Re-Apply it A Couple Times a day, as needed. Simply Perfection !! I'm. Almost 50 Now & still Devoted to Only Laura's Products. They have kept my skin extremely Healthy) over the years!! I Love being A Geller Girl

  • Review by Suzanne
    After years of searching, I have finally found the Perfect Foundation. Thanks, Laura.

    My 61 y/o face requires just a couple of dots of liquid foundation and then I apply the Balance-N-Brighten in Fair color. I love how it goes on like a powder as I have full control and can bring it down my splotchy neck where it looks perfect. I can't believe how long it wears in the Texas summer heat. My husband asked where I suddenly got all my confidence from, Laura Geller, I said.

  • Review by julis82

    I was surprised. I don't think is a full coverage foundation BUT is amazing.
    Very natural and feels great.

  • Review by Lola
    Love this foundation

    I think this is truly a fabulous foundation it gives great coverage and its not Cakey or powdery. It melts into your skin and looks natural. If you like a lot of coverage it will take a few layers but it is an amazing foundation it's a must have. You won't feel like you have a powder on and it feels soft on the skin. I will by again

  • Review by Julia .

    Liked the original balance n brighten and this one is even better

  • Review by Jules .
    One of the Best!

    A great foundation! One of the best powder foundations and works wonderfully with the kabuki brush. I love using this! It gives skin a nice natural glow

  • Review by Tiff
    My New Beauty Fave. Love it!

    I have the Balance-n-Brighten Baked Color Correcting Foundation in "Deep" and was pleasantly surprised. This is my new fave! It feels and looks amazing and lasts all day, even during these hot and humid summer days in New England... Speaking of which, it's perfect for the summer because of how light it feels on the skin. Sold!

  • Review by Stacey
    Great for light coverage!

    I love this product, I am not big on wearing a lot of make-up and like to look as natural as possible. This product helps covers my flaws and make my skin less shiny during the entire day.

  • Review by Kris

    Incredible product! One of a kind!

  • Review by Pinky

    Best foundation i have ever used. I have porcelain and fair as my skin changes color depending on the time of year, but i have used porcelain as my main base and fair to contour, porcelain on top of fair if i need to calm it down slightly and porcelain on top of liquid foundation as my powder

  • Review by Renee
    Simply LOVE!

    I absolutely LOVE this makeup. I WAS a BareMinerals girl for years. I'll never go back! This makeup is perfection. It is easy to use, and leaves my combination skin looking, and feeling, silly and smooth. My pores look smaller, and I feel that the overall condition of my skin haa improved since I began using this. I would highly recommend this product!

  • Review by JEN
    Definitely recommend

    Covers nicely. Doesn't cause my face to be itchy like other powders/foundations. Looks very natural.

  • Review by Kathleen
    My Oh My Silky Foundation

    My oh my, what a beautiful surprise! This foundation is amazing. It goes on softly, it does balance my complexion. It is so light, it goes on like a powder, but feels silky and soft. Make up is so much easier.

  • Review by JAsd
    So light and right!

    Feels very light, looks amazing on! This product has an amazing chameleon-like ability to adapt to a range of skin tones and look great. I have used Fair and the Medium (that came in the babycakes palette) and just got the porcelain. Love it! If you have pink tones to your skin that nothing seems to quite work well with, give the porcelain a try. I thought it might be too light, but, it is my new favorite!

  • Review by Yvonne
    obsessed with this little compact

    love this for on-the-go coverage & days when I don't feel like dealing with the process of liquid foundation (matching blending, etc)! I bought in medium since it is summer but will definitely be purchasing light for the fall/winter asap!

  • Review by Chaney .
    The "sisterhood of the traveling pants" of foundations - a perfect fit for anyone!

    I started using the Balance-n-Brighten over 2 years ago and I SWEAR by it. I think it's great for anyone! I stick with the same color (medium) year round and offset it with bronzer in the summertime if it leaves me looking a little too pale compared to the rest of my body!

  • Review by Sun8shine
    So Happy I Tried This

    I am so glad I tried this foundation. Birchbox featured this foundation and I decided to give it a try. The idea of a powder foundation that gave a luminous finish was appealing. I can not believe how natural this looks on the skin. A few brush strokes give me a finish that lasts all day. It was not drying in the winter and somehow survives the humid summer air on my afternoon walks. I can take it right under my eyes without it emphasizing my creases. All I can say is it just melts into the skin and gives a lovely finish.

  • Review by Mrs. A.
    Absolutely the best powder foundation!

    This is the absolutely best foundation product I have ever used. I bought this many months ago and have used it daily with great results. Love how easy it is to apply, covers blemishes beautifully, and gives my face a finished look without any cake-I-ness.

  • Review by Jenn
    love this.

    I've been using this powder for about a year now and I really love the coverage it provides and the fact that it's not heavy feeling on my oily skin. I also really like that I don't go through the whole compact in just a couple weeks like some others.

  • Review by Katt

    Love love, l o v e, this make up! It is better than any make up I have ever tried.

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