Retractable Kabuki Brush

Retractable Kabuki Brush
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The perfect complexion powder brush. Designed specifically for Laura's baked complexion products, the Retractable Kabuki Brush picks up just the right amount of powder with its synthetic fibers. Each bristle has a gentle wave that allows it to readily pick up powder and synthetic fibers cleanly deposit it on the skin for a flawless finish. Perfect for all over face powders and blush. The synthetic taklon hair helps keep your brush clean by not absorbing makeup or oils from your face.

How To Use

Dip the brush into your powder and lightly tap it to remove excess. Dust powder all over your face.


  • Review by Michelle S.
    A must buy!

    I love this brush! It's so soft and and applies my blush so smoothly and perfectly. It really does grab the right amount to avoid over applying and wasting product. The compact is perfect for tossing in your purse and not have to worry about getting makeup all over your bag.

  • Review by Ann
    Get this brush!

    I LOVE this brush. It feels great in my hand while I am applying my Baked Bronze & Brighten. I feel like I have a lot of control. This brush is wonderful!!

  • Review by Joyce
    Good for heavy coverage

    This brush is nice and soft, plus it's great for travel because of the packaging. This applies powder pretty heavy coverage, so go for it if that's what you're looking for. I personally do not like it with the balance and bright powder because that powder has a lot of colors in it and it tends to apply uneven when I use it with this brush.

  • Review by Kat13
    Awesome Brush!

    Awesome Brush! This brush performs wonderfully. My balance & brighten goes on smooth & just right right amount is applied. I have many brushes and this is one of my most favorite. Works great as a purse brush also because of the lid.

  • Review by S242
    LOVE this brush

    I've tried a lot of brushes from a lot of different lines. Usually with a brush like this it eats too much product - meaning it sucks in more than it applies making you waste product and go through powders faster, however, this brush is perfect! It is large, soft, fluffy and applies Laura's Balance & Brighten perfectly without eating any product at all. It makes my pores disappear and my face look so good. I prefer this one over any other brushes, even ones twice the price. I love that you can use it for light, medium, or heavy coverage and it feels very nice on the skin. Hasn't shed on me and I've been using it for at least a few weeks now. Highly recommend!

  • Review by Kathleen
    Really Good Brush

    The retractable kabuki brush is so wonderful to use. Applies foundation (Balance and Brighten) beautifully. I don't know which I like more, the Kabuki brush or the foundation. Thank you for both.

  • Review by Darlenam .
    Very soft and dense brush

    This brush is my favorite kabuki brush. It is soft, dense, picks of plenty of powder and smooths powder over my foundation beautifully. I have never had hair fallout and the brush opens and closes as it is intended to do. I am very pleased with this brush purchase and will try more Laura Geller products.

  • Review by Patty
    Great bursh

    This is a great brush, soft and very easy to use. This is great to load up and throw in your purse for a touch up later in the day.

  • Review by Judy B.
    Greatest Brush Ever

    Greatest brush ever made. You can apply Balance n Brighten heavy on light with this fabulous brush. I will never use any other kind. Thanks Laura as I am 61 and I need all the help I can get as I have terrible arthritis in both my hands and this brush makes it so easy to apply. Thanks again.

  • Review by Deborah G.
    Retractable Kabuki Brush

    I received this brush in a kit I had ordered and opened the lid and the brush ended up in my lap!!! I was soooo disappointed I almost cried because it was only 1 week until Christmas day!! I got it with the Balance @ Brighten kit and am hoping they will eplace it for me. The brush would be WONDERFUL!! The bristles are sooo soft and it looks as if it would pick up jus the right amount of foundation. I have looked and looked for a foundation that worked for me and it does as I ordered it in a smaller size to try it out. It is PERFECT

  • Review by Deborah G.
    Retractable Kabuki Brush

    The Kabuki brush looks as if it would be wonderful if when I received it and opened the top the brush did not fall out!!! I was so disappointed I almost cried because it was 1 week until Christmas! I want a replacement kabuki brush as it was in the Balance @ Brighten it I ordered as soon as possible!!

  • Review by Anonymous


  • Review by Earlene D.
    Love this brush!

    I love the coverage and the way it closes. Easy to clean and so worth the price.

  • Review by Jeri L.
    Amazing Brush

    This brush is amazing and the qualilty is bar none. Who, but Laura would have given us a beautiful Kabuki brush that easily travels with us. The bristles stay perfectly put until you need them. I love it and well worth the money.

  • Review by Judy B.
    Greatest brush in the world

    This brush works wonders with balance n brighten. You can apply heavy or light with this brush. Please give it a try you will never use any other.

  • Review by Gina

    I really like this brush, I received it with a kit with bronze n brighten and use it for my foundation too. I also like the smaller sized retractable brush.

  • Review by Judy
    Greatest brush

    This is the best brush ever. Please take time to fill in the stars to give a true rating. Please give this brush a try you won't be sorry. I'm 61 and don't anything else.

  • Review by Margot
    lousy brush

    This brush is way too soft and the product goes all over my blouse when I try to apply it as it's impossible to control the bristles - then I couldn't return it because I bought it "on sale"!

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