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Color Luster Lip Gloss Hi-Def Top Coat
Color Luster Lip Gloss Hi-Def Top Coat
Color Luster Lip Gloss Hi-Def Top Coat
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Color Luster Lip Gloss Hi-Def Top Coat

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Gloss,Glaze, Sheen and Glisten! Top off your favorite lip color with this deliciously decadent Color Luster Lip Gloss Hi-Def Top Coats infused with light-reflecting pearls and lip conditioning Kendi Oil. This lustrous high-shine lip gloss topper feels lightweight, cushiony and creamy leaving behind a sparkling sheen. It's light reflecting pearls impart a unique finish on top of any lip color and cushions lips with a rich, always silky, never-sticky shine. Offering a spectrum of sheer to moderate coverage shades, each of these Hi-Def Toppers flaunt a mixture of unique pigment and reflecting pearl – the ideal finishing touch for any lip look, day or night! There’s a shade for every skin tone.

How To +

How to use:
Apply over any lip color for extra sparkle or dab a small amount on the center of your lips and rub together for a subtle strobe effect. Goes well with our Easy Illuminating Sticks to bring light to cheekbones or the bridge of the nose.

Features & Benefits:

  • Light reflecting pearls impart unique finishes on top of any lip color
  • Never sticky or tacky!
  • Made in Italy


  • Kendi Oil: Comes from a tree found in tropical climates and is the perfect protector for delicate lip skin; moisturizes and nourishes lips
  • Does Not Contain: Parabens, Mineral-Oil and Gluten
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