Girls Life

October/November 2011


Laura Geller is quoted as a makeup guru in the October/November issue of Girl’s Life in a story titled, “Perfect Shade.”  The story discusses how blush is making a comeback for Fall, and Laura shares her blush tips and tricks.  


Prevention Magazine

October 2011

Laura Geller is quoted in the October issue of Prevention in a beauty story titled, “Finishing Touches” which highlights stay-young makeup tricks. Laura Geller is also quoted and Laura Geller Blush-N-Brighten is featured in a story titled, “Improve Your Complexion Tone,” which features ways to achieve a youthful, even complexion. 


Fitness Magazine

September Issue

The Laura Geller Double Deal Foundation and Remedy Stick is featured and photographed in the September issue of Fitness in a beauty story titled, “Get Gorgeous: Fast Finds”.  The story highlights time-saving tools that are built for speed but will leave one looking radiant.  



Working Mother Magazine

August/September Issue


Laura Geller Real Deal Foundation Stick SPF 15 is featured and photographed in the August/September issue of Working Mother in a beauty story titled, “Lasting Benefits”.  The story highlights products with serious staying power.  



Bella NYC

September/October Issue


The Laura Geller brand, Laura Geller Studio, Luba and Air Whipped Bronzer are featured in the September/October issue of Bella NYC in a story titled, “Back-To-School Beauty”.  The story features post-summer stress relief ideas for busy moms.  




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