May 2013

Laura Geller Beauty I-Care Waterproof Eyeliner is featured and photographed in an article titled, “Mermaid-Inspired Beauty” on

The Better Show
May 2013

Laura Geller was featured in a segment titled “Eyebrow How-To” on The Better Show. Host Audra introduces Laura as “make-up expert, make-up guru, all things eyebrows… Laura Geller.”

New York Weddings
Summer 2013

The Laura Geller Make-Up Studio is featured under the Beauty section of the “Listings” page in the Summer issue of New York Weddings.

Yahoo! Shine
May 2012 

Laura Geller Beauty INKcredible Gel Eyeliner Pencil is featured with a photo in a story titled, “The Best Stay-Put Liners For Summer's Humid Temps” on Yahoo! Shine.

Good Morning America
May 2012

Laura Geller Beauty was featured in a “Deals and Steals” segment on Good Morning America May 16, 2013. The segment also appeared online at

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