From Fresh Foundations to Perfect Primers, Finding Your Ideal Makeup Supplies
Oct 2013

One in every three women refuses to leave her home before putting on makeup. In the workplace, a quarter of women fear that a lack of makeup directly results in the loss of a promotion. In actuality, it is what you wear underneath the makeup that can give your look that special glow.


Perhaps you are preparing for a fast paced day at work and you are looking for that chic and professional tone, or you have a fun filled night on the town planned and you need a dazzling look that will make your features pop. Either way, powder foundations and makeup primers are must haves for your professional makeup supplies kit.


The function of quality foundation is to balance your skin tone while reducing the appearance of minor scars and blemishes. As a base, this provides the ideal environment for makeup to be applied seamlessly and in a way that is a natural fit for your skin. Compared to both cream and liquid foundations, a power foundation is likely the ideal match for you if your skin tends to be oily.


Makeup primer is another product that functions in much the same way as foundation, with a lightweight yet durable quality. Available in a variety of shades and hues, you will undoubtedly be able to find the primer that best suits you.


If you have questions or comments about professional makeup supplies, or suggestions about foundations and primers in particular, you can share them in the section below.


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