Tips on How to Use Three Different Types of Makeup
Oct 2013

Did you know that makeup has been used for thousands of years? The Ancient Egyptians are known to have used anti-wrinkle creams made from frankincense, wax, moringa oil, and cyprus mixed with plant juice. Since that time, different types of makeup have been developed, too. One-third of women say they will not leave their house unless they have applied their makeup. If you are one of the many women who are looking for tips on how to apply mascara for volume, or other professional makeup tips, here are the top three.


Highlighting Powders

Are you looking for a way to accentuate your cheek bones so that you can have that chiseled look you have always wanted? Try using a highlighting powder in conjunction with a bronzer. Take your best bronzer makeup that is two shades darker than your skin and apply it to your cheeks. You will lose the roundness and gain sharper, more defined cheekbones.


Lip Primer

Yes, there is a way to make your lipstick last longer. The best way to give your lipstick staying power is by using lip primers. Think of lip primer as a foundation that you apply to your lips. This helps keep your lipstick looking smooth, and allows it to stay where it should be for longer. The best lip primers have the added effect of moisturizing your lips and shielding them from the drying effect associated with some lip makeup. To use it, simply apply it to your lips as you would a lip balm, before applying anything else.



Mascara may be the most popular of all the different types of makeup. It can really help to accentuate your eyes and allow you to make a fierce impression. According to MakeupGeek, the key to successful mascara application is choosing what is right for you. Do you need mascara for volume, for length, or for curling? If you are not sure what works best for you, consult a professional. Whatever the type, you should start applying mascara at the base of your eyelashes to get the full effect, both top and bottom.

An added tip is to make sure you replace your mascara often. Most estimates say that even the best mascara should be replaced every three to six months. You can extend the shelf life by keeping your makeup tightly sealed in a cool place. However, you need to replace it when it cakes or begins to lose color.


With all the different types of makeup out there, it can be confusing to know how to use them all. Follow these tips for mascara, lip primer, and highlighting powders to get that look you really want before heading out for your big night. Do your own thing, but do not be afraid to seek professionals for help on defining your style.


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