The Right Makeup for the Right Face
Oct 2013

About 25% of working women feel that whether or not they wear makeup plays at least some role in whether or not they get promoted. And 10% of women actually refuse to let their significant other see them sans makeup. So whatever your personal views on makeup or its role in our society, the fact remains that professional makeup tips are big business, and will likely remain so for a long time to come.


The good news is that, as makeup continues to be so vital to so many, technical advances have created product lines that not only make you look good, but that feel better to wear, are easier to apply, and help your skin stay healthy and happy.


Lip primers, for instance, do a great job of keeping color from bleeding or feathering. But they also soften and condition your lips. Which is a good thing, since it gets harder to apply chapstick without smudging your favorite shade.


Powder foundations offer an alternative to those with oily skin. The oils found in many regular foundations can sometimes exacerbate skin problems, but powder foundations (as well as oil free liquid foundations) can provide a solid, healthy canvas for the rest of your touchups, while calming any eruptions that may otherwise occur.


Your makeup and how you apply it can be as personal and unique as your fingerprints. But if something is not working the way you need it to, professional makeup tips can be a great place for advice on how to tweak your setup. Hop online or pick up your favorite magazine in the grocery store checkout, and get the most out of your makeup.


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