Sneak Peek: The Making of Baked Elements Foundation...With Love From Italy!
Sep 2013

Laura Geller Beauty is renowned as the pioneer of Baked products—cult-favorite, multitasking powders that deliver remarkably vibrant color.


A brand new innovation in Baked, Baked Elements Foundation is formulated with good-for-you water extracted from a 3,000 year old thermal spring in Calabria, Italy.


Recognized by the Italian Ministry of Health as beneficial to the skin, this water is enriched by powerful minerals that - together with antioxidants - help protect and improve skin texture while providing flawless coverage, nourishing hydration and long-wear comfort --- the elements of beauty.


In order to create this luxurious medium-to-full buildable coverage foundation, only the highest quality pigments are mixed with the Italian thermal spring water and Baked for 24 hours on terracotta tiles, then hand-finished by Italian artisans to produce a creamy powder.


Crafted without additional powders or fillers that can cloud color, the micronized Baked pigments wear color true and seamlessly match natural skin tones. These pigments blend seamlessly to create the lightweight, flawless and multi-dimensional finish of healthy skin.


Our proprietary process allows us to create shades customized for your individual needs. Available in six shades (Porcelain, Fair, Light, Medium, Golden Medium, Tan), Baked Elements Foundation wears beautifully and comfortably throughout the day.


Baked Elements Foundation delivers benefits via ingredients such as…

  • Italian Thermal Spring Water is infused with skin-nourishing elements and minerals
  • Hyaluronic Acid helps skin feel more hydrated
  • Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil help to refresh and smooth the skin


Each foundation is slowly baked for 24 hours and hand-finished into silky domes of powder by Italian artisans.


Baked Elements is a hydrating, creamy Baked powder that has a less opaque finish than the typical pressed powder, so the look remains natural without compromising buildable coverage.


Of the women who have tried Baked Elements Foundation:

  • 100% of women saw an improvement in skin hydration immediately after use
  • 100% of women saw an improvement in the look of fine lines immediately after use
  • 100% of women saw an improvement in skin radiance immediately after use
  • 100% of women saw an improvement in the evenness of skin tone immediately after use


I hope this explains the images you will see in our first ever video of our production process!


Tune in to QVC U.S. on 9/16 for a special collection featuring the brand new Baked Elements Foundation.





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