My Inspiration & Motivation
May 2012

Hello, friends!

Whether it’s an interview with a magazine editor or a conversation with my GGs on Facebook, I’m always asked this question: Who inspires you? To be honest, there isn’t just one person who has inspired me in my career (other than my mom, of course). My answer is…YOU.

My inspiration comes from all of you women out there—from those in the workplace to the stay-at-home moms and caregivers, I find women everywhere around the world marvelous and inspiring! When I’m stopped in the street by a woman who tells me how my makeup has changed their life, I’m immediately flattered and motivated to continue to deliver breakthroughs in products and technologies, and develop beauty problem solvers that are helpful, affordable and universally flattering (and goof-proof in every way!).

As a makeup artist, I applaud and commend every woman out there who isn’t afraid to be herself and who charges up ahead, proud of her own style. In the entertainment industry, I’m inspired by women like Joan Rivers—original to the core, still doing their own unique thing and stylish at any and every age.

And, speaking of those in the beauty and fashion forefront, another source of inspiration for me are magazine editors.

Me with Fitness Magazine's Beauty Director, Eleanor Langston, at their Blogger event in NYC!

Here I am at the Cosmopolitan Magazine office in NYC getting ready to meet with editors!

These are the people who seek, discover and report on everything that is new, trendy, innovative and good for you out there. They’re smart and savvy…they give you the truth on what’s in (and often times what’s out, ha!) in the beauty world. While I’m usually the one being interviewed, I oftentimes turn the tables and ask about what inspires them as beauty advocates and what’s on their radar for the next big, game changing, must-have product or trend. I love hearing their industry insight and learning what the next can’t-live-without products will be. When I tell the editors about my own upcoming products and innovations, they also get so excited that it always reminds me of why I love what I do, and love who I do it for—all of you.


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