Makeover Event
Oct 2010

Posted by Laura on October 28, 2010

Hi Everyone,

As some of you may know, this past Saturday we held an intimate makeover event at my studio in NYC. I enjoy having in-studio events because not only do I get to meet some of you in person, I also get to learn much more about each and every one of you. I saw many familiar faces and was flattered to hear that many of you actually planned your schedule’s around the event! I met a lovely lady who came in to celebrate her 80th Birthday. She lived very far away but her daughter had arranged their plans just so they both could come in and meet me. It was also great to see the new friendships that formed. I witnessed two ladies talking to one another. As they chatted, they discovered that they live near each other and also that they’re both big fans of QVC. They even arranged to meet up after the event! What can I tell you? My in-studio events are about more than makeup. Women find themselves, stories are shared, and more importantly, I get to talk to you. All in all, it was a lot of fun and a very joyous day. I cannot wait until we have our next event.

  Below are a couple of my favorite photos. To view more, please head over to my Facebook Page.

Love Always,



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