How to Achieve a Beautiful Royal Look
Apr 2011

Hi my lovely Geller Girls.  Were you up bright and early just as I was to take in the royal vows? Princess Catherine looked absolutely stunning. A few of you have asked me how you can achieve her look. Here are my tips for getting Princess Catherine's exquisite wedding-day look: 

  • Catherine's skin looks flawlessly matte and natural. To emulate the look, try my Spackle Under Makeup Primer, perhaps Champagne Spackle to even out and awaken skin tone.  Next, blend Balance-n-Brighten all over the face; with the perfect amount of coverage, it will create a flawless canvas for the rest of the look.

  • The flashbulbs were certainly in action, but her face didn't look shiny in the slightest. Proactively treat shine and produce a porcelain-like finish, like Catherine's, with a thin layer of Matte Maker.

  • Her cheeks are very rosy and beautifully defined.  Try my Air Whipped Blush in Whisper Rose on the cheekbones for a healthy nuance of color.

  • Try using a bone colored liner along her inner rims to brighten and frame eyes like Catherine's (Try my I-Care Eyeliner Duo in Bone).  Coat lashes with black mascara - and don't forget the curler!  (Try my NEW At Long Lash Mascara for a look that will last through the day and night, rain or sunshine!).

  • Her eyebrows are prominent, yet not too overdone.  It appears she placed a luminescent powder on her brow bones, which imparted a lifted look to the area (Try my Baked Vanilla Highlighter).

  • Finally, lips are a creamy pink-nude with a hint of sheen, but nothing too overbearing. A gorgeous finishing touch to a stunning look! (Try my Air Whipped Lip in Innocent Mousse).


If you decide to try all or one of these looks, please do not hesitate to share with me on myFacebook and Twitter pages.





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