How Hard Does Your Lip Primer Work?
Jan 2014

A good lip primer is a must-have for any makeup kit. But is your lip primer doing all it can do for your lips? While most lip primers get the job done, the best lip primers go above and beyond.


At their most basic level, lip primers act as foundation for your lips. Here's a quick experiment: Touch your cheek. Now touch your lip. Notice the difference in skin texture and tone? Since the skin of your lips is completely different from the rest of your skin, you need a different composition of materials in order to provide a long-lasting, secure base for your lipstick, liner, or gloss.


That's the direct purpose. The indirect purpose of lip primers is to provide definition at the edges of your lips by preventing feathering or color bleeds. The best lip primers can also fill in wrinkles and uneven spaces and give your lips a smoother, fuller appearance. And for many makeup novices, the first application of lip primer lets them know where their lips actually begin and the regular skin ends.


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