Hidden Benefits of Lip Primer
Jan 2014

Our makeup routine can take up a significant part of our morning, and it can be tempting to look for shortcuts and steps to skip in order to get out the door just a little bit faster. And when makeup layoffs are on the table, lip primer is often the first one to go. But here are three reasons why a good lip primer, conscientiously applied, is well-worth the extra time and effort.


As A Foundation

The obvious benefit lip primers provide (indeed, their main purpose) is to give your lipstick or gloss a solid foundation. They fill in any wrinkles or uneven spots to give your lips a smooth and firm texture, which will keep your color in place longer. They can also prevent your color from feathering throughout the day.


Lip Health

The best lip primers also nourish your lips while they protect them. Many primers contain moisturizing agents which are naturally locked into the lips by the primer itself. And a number of primers contain enriching vitamins (most often vitamins A, E, and C) to keep your lips healthy and full.


Keeping that stick of primer in your makeup kit is one of the most practical, long-lasting, and cost-effective makeup tips for lips you'll find anywhere. Anything that can do that much for your lips is definitely worth the little bit of extra time.



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