Happy Mother's Day
May 2011

Hi everyone,


As many of you may know, tomorrow is Mother’s Day. This year I am going to go up to my mom’s house in Rockland County. It is the same house I grew up in and both my mother and I have been doing some much needed repairs and updates on it. We are so very proud of how the house has come out and it makes us enjoy it even more. What I am looking forward to the most is being able to relax on our back porch (which is foreign to those who live in NYC) and I am going to attempt to BBQ! I may just have to share with you some photos from that. Daniel is coming along a well so it will definitely be a great time.


In case I don’t get to say it, I would like to take the time out to wish all of the moms who work tirelessly to support their families and nurture their children, a Happy Mother’s Day. I know it is a tough job and I recognize it since having Daniel almost 11 years ago. Here’s to all of us.


Love always,



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