Geller Girls: LOVE Your Tips and Feedback!
Jun 2012

I spend a lot of time on Facebook, Twitter and QVC Community reading through comments, to see what my GGs are up to. Your feedback is always important to me, and I love being able to chime in and help you whenever I can.

I also love reading the threads and discovering ingenious beauty tips and makeup tricks that you GGs share among each other. I must say, sometimes you gals come up with such fun and creative techniques on how to use my products!


Baked Body Frosting in Tahitian Glow is currently in the spotlight—one QVC Community member shares a tip on using a big powder brush as an alternative to the enclosed Puff:


“I took a very large, very fluffy powder brush and I very lightly dusted some of the Tahitian glow on my neck and I cannot believe the wonders it did! It sort of equalized the skin tone between my neck and face and my neck isn't the glaring white thing it was before” –QVC Community Member


My Facebook Fans also all rave about the product (thanks for reminding me that it’s the PERFECT bridal makeup bronzer!):


I gave my daughter the Tahitian Glow. She is getting married in June and I know she is going to be even more beautiful with it on –Facebook Fan


“Your Baked Body Frosting in Tahitian Glow is definitely my go-to bronzer now!” – Facebook Fan


So THANK YOU to all of you GGs who leave such fantastic comments! I encourage you to always share your feedback and tips, because who knows—yours could be featured someday here on or my social media outlets to share with other GGs :)


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