Best Highlighters
Jun 2013

Hi Geller Girls!


As I always say, it is so important to highlight your best features!


I love to hear from GGs that I was the one who first introduced them to the wonders of highlighting and contouring properly. So here’s how to truly make the most of your features with a few simple tricks.


One of our most popular products is the classic Baked Highlighter with Double-Ended Face & Eye Applicator. This easy-to-use powder highlighter allows you to create dimension and brighten up your face with a lit-from-within glow!


The silky, low-glow French Vanilla shade casts a gentle highlight wherever you sweep it on. For more of a peachy shimmer, choose the Portofino shade. I’ve even introduced a NEW highlighter hue in my brand new Signature Superstars Collection: Golden Rose, a gorgeous shimmering soft pink.


The Double-Ended Face & Eye Applicator is perfect for applying any of my Baked Highlighters. With the smaller, sponge end of the applicator, apply the highlighter on the browbone, inner corner of the eye and dark, recessed areas you’d like to brighten. Gently blend the smooth powder with the pad of your ring finger.  Next, sweep the larger end of the applicator over the forehead, cheekbones, nose and chin.


Use these tips to apply any of the Baked highlighters that are included in my palettes, such as my Customer Top Rated Eye Elements Baked Eyeshadow & Highlighter and my Baked Sculpting Bronzer.


Highlighting is my desert island essential when it comes to creating any look. No matter how little time you have, highlight to play up your favorite features and give your whole face a brighter appearance! 


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