Beauty Bash 2011
May 2011

Hi Geller Girls,

This weekend was QVC’s annual Beauty Bash and boy was it fun. The highlight of the event for me was not only getting to meet new and familiar faces but getting to engage in conversation with each and every one of you.


Every year, Johnny puts so much care and  consideration into setting up a great booth. The experience everyone gets is amazing. It is almost like you have been transplanted in my NYC studio – which is simply wonderful since I know a lot of my Geller girls up North want to visit it but can’t. This year for the booth, we built more makeup stations to accommodate our guests and included more “try-on” areas so those who were interested could play with the makeup themselves.


Many thanks to everyone who was so kind to my son Daniel, who was in attendance. He is such a character. Not only was he helpful but he also generated many laughs as well.


Being able to meet so many fabulous women is awe-inspiring. I truly feel speechless when you share with me your stories of how I have inspired you. It is the greatest feeling in the world and knowing that I can inspire women continuously is why I truly enjoy Beauty Bash and what I do the most. 


For anyone who took photos from the booth, or for those of you who would like to see, please visit: Howard Allen Photography.





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