Hi Gals!


With the hot and humid weather upon us, I want to share some great suggestions for long-lasting eyeliner. There are so many gorgeous options that are perfect for the summer months!


My eyeliner staple for any season is I-Care Waterproof Eyeliner. With a built in sharpener and blending tip, this is a great all-in-one option. Soft, smooth, and super long-wearing, this water-resistant formula virtually floats into place. This unique liner is called I-Care because its treatment-like formula contains beneficial and nourishing ingredients perfect for the delicate eye area. The highly smudge-proof formula helps to perfectly line the inner eyelid. Unlike most eye pencils, I-Care Eyeliner has a retractable point. Easily take your summer look from day to night with shades like Rose Gold, Lapis and Purple Sapphire.


If you’re looking for versatility, try Eye Rimz Baked Wet/Dry Eye Accents, which offers everything you need to complete your eye look—shadow and liner. Best of all, it sets into place for transfer-proof longevity. Eye Rimz is a buildable and versatile shadow/liner that creates endless incredible looks. The swirl of rich colors creates multi-dimensional results for a stare that smolders.


Some of my other Baked eyeliners include Baked Cake Eyeliner Duo and Baked Marble Eyeshadow and Baked Cake Eyeliner Duo—both can be used wet or dry for versatile looks.


Shadow Rimz Baked Marble Eyeshadow Eye Rimz Duo and Baked Sateen Eyeshadow and Eye Rimz offer the same versatility, with a variety of finishes, from solid to shimmery.


For easy-to-apply precision liner, look no further than Inkwell Waterproof Gel Liner. This is one of the best, silkiest and most long-wearing gel-based liners you’ll ever get your hands on! A special gel formula gives the no-budge, transfer-resistant liner its luxurious feel and crease-free finish. Unlike other gel liners that tend to dry out, Inkwell stays soft, moist and emollient, thanks to a well of skin-loving ingredients: Vitamin E, Wheat Germ Oil and Jojoba Oil. You’ll love how easy it is to apply. And, once it sets, you’ll forget it’s even there.


You can also create a precise line of color with The Perfect Pairing Waterproof Liquid & Powder Eyeliner, which is a two-part system, with a super-shiny, intensely dark, waterproof liquid liner on one end to set off your eyes and make the color pop.


For gel precision in a pencil form, use INKcredible Gel Eyeliner Pencils. These unique pencils are waterproof! Glide-on color stays put from day to night, delivering powerful, vibrant, multi-dimensional color.


Last but not least, I want to share with you one of my favorite classics—Powder Pencil Eyeliners! These vibrant, wearable shades feature a cream-to-powder formula. What does that mean? It means application is a breeze with a creamy pencil that never tugs or pulls. Let it dry a few seconds, and you’ll see it sets to a powder. That means no running or smudging.


You can shop all of my eyeliners 24/7 right here on my website!

Laura Geller Beauty Now Available on Cult Beauty
Posted by Laura on Jul 10,2013

Hi Girlfriends!


I am so very excited to share with you all (especially my UK GGs!) that Laura Geller Beauty products are now available on Cult Beauty, one of VOGUE’s 100 Best Places to Buy Online.


Cult Beauty is a unique site of beauty curators, cultural analysts and trend dictators, casting their net globally to cherry-pick and sell the most effective cult beauty and grooming products; from the latest scientific discoveries, to hundred-year-old remedies that have never been bettered.


Laura Geller Beauty is famous for Spackle®, our innovative under make-up primer that infuses good-for-you ingredients into an amazingly lightweight formula. Spackle® creates the perfect canvas for long-lasting make-up application. Shop our line on Cult Beauty today for a FREE Spackle® gift (limited quantities; while supplies last!).


Also, stay tuned for our renowned Baked products to debut on Cult Beauty later this year! We offer an inviting collection of the highest quality color cosmetics in flattering, incredibly wearable shades. Laura Geller Beauty is renowned as the pioneer of Baked products—cult-favorite, multi-tasking powders that deliver remarkably vibrant color. Because these silky domes of powder begin as liquid pigments that are then baked for 24 hours on terracotta tiles, they don’t require additional fillers—and that means the color is not only more pure, but also weightless in feel. 


Whether you want a natural, no-fuss look or an easy way to create the best in beauty trends, Laura Geller Beauty understands your individual beauty, how to enhance it and how to reveal your most beautiful self. We brighten your skin, your eyes, your day. What’s better than that?


Shop our collection on Cult Beauty today!


Baked Loose Beauty to Beat The Heat
Posted by Laura on Jul 09,2013

Hi Girlfriends,


Ah, summertime!


Parties, picnics…and, let’s be honest: perspiration.

While you’re busy filling up your calendars with fun summertime to-dos, don’t forget to jot down “keep make-up fresh and shine-free!” I know many women like me who want to be beautiful in the summer, but just can’t find the right melt-proof make-up. Enter the brand new Skin Diffuser Baked Loose Powder!


This state-of-the-art Baked loose powder can be used as a light foundation or a finishing powder to help control oil and lightly mattify skin throughout the day, thanks to oil-absorbing Silica. Now you can party pretty, shine-free. Not only does this multi-tasking (dare I say) miracle absorb unwanted oil, it has optical blurring refiners that provide the ultimate in flawless coverage.


The light-as-air powder diminishes the appearance of imperfections and gives skin a soft-focus effect. No more un-tagging photos on Facebook, gals. Now you’ll always be photo ready! And since we all want to pamper and protect our skin, we’ve powered up Skin Diffuser Baked Loose Powder with antioxidants Centella Asiatica and White Tea Extracts to protect your skin from environmental damage.


Skin Diffuser Baked Loose Powder starts life just like my other Baked products – as liquid pigments that are Baked for 24 hours. It is then jet-milled to create this beautiful, feather-light loose powder. As a result, it is lightweight enough that you can use it as your finishing powder, but it’s also buildable, so you can use it as a light foundation, perfect for summer. 


Here are some really simple tips for use:

Twist clear sifter guard to the left to release powder. Rather than shaking the compact up and down to have the product come out, gently shake it to the left and right. This will easily and cleanly dispense product. Using Stippling Brush or Puff, apply Skin Diffuser Baked Loose Powder on entire face for a softly diffused look. Twist guard to the right to close. Replace puff.


For lighter coverage or to set make-up, use Stippling Brush to sweep powder over skin, paying attention to oil-prone areas. For fuller coverage, use Puff and gently press on the skin to ensure perfect application.


As you know, I always like to include a mirror with all of my products – but I must admit it’s a little messy with a loose powder.  But here’s my trick gals, I take my Stippling Brush to grab the extra powder on the mirror! That way I am achieving a perfect finish and keeping my mirror clean at the same time.


I know you will love this product as much as I do. Shop this product now on




Best Highlighters
Posted by Laura on Jun 21,2013

Hi Geller Girls!


As I always say, it is so important to highlight your best features!


I love to hear from GGs that I was the one who first introduced them to the wonders of highlighting and contouring properly. So here’s how to truly make the most of your features with a few simple tricks.


One of our most popular products is the classic Baked Highlighter with Double-Ended Face & Eye Applicator. This easy-to-use powder highlighter allows you to create dimension and brighten up your face with a lit-from-within glow!


The silky, low-glow French Vanilla shade casts a gentle highlight wherever you sweep it on. For more of a peachy shimmer, choose the Portofino shade. I’ve even introduced a NEW highlighter hue in my brand new Signature Superstars Collection: Golden Rose, a gorgeous shimmering soft pink.


The Double-Ended Face & Eye Applicator is perfect for applying any of my Baked Highlighters. With the smaller, sponge end of the applicator, apply the highlighter on the browbone, inner corner of the eye and dark, recessed areas you’d like to brighten. Gently blend the smooth powder with the pad of your ring finger.  Next, sweep the larger end of the applicator over the forehead, cheekbones, nose and chin.


Use these tips to apply any of the Baked highlighters that are included in my palettes, such as my Customer Top Rated Eye Elements Baked Eyeshadow & Highlighter and my Baked Sculpting Bronzer.


Highlighting is my desert island essential when it comes to creating any look. No matter how little time you have, highlight to play up your favorite features and give your whole face a brighter appearance! 

Best Concealer
Posted by Laura on Jun 20,2013

Hi Girlfriends!


I know finding the right shade of foundation and concealer can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! With the right products that are lightweight and blendable, you can achieve the perfect complexion.


The first step is determining the shade category for your skin. Here are some simple guidelines:


Porcelain: Very fair skin, burns easily, with pink undertones

Fair: Fair skin, burns easily, with neutral undertones

Medium: Medium skin with cool undertones

Tan: Olive to tan skin with yellow undertones

Deep: Olive to deep skinned women of color with yellow undertones



No matter your shade, choose a foundation that is lightweight and buildable.


My Take Cover Anti-Aging Foundation with SPF 20 is the perfect example. The airless pump delivers the right amount of product each time. Blend the lightweight formula with your fingertips, a make-up sponge or foundation brush for a flawless finish. It’s buildable, which means you can add a second layer in trouble areas for more coverage.


For a sheer tint of color, use my BB Cream All-In-One Skin Perfecting Beauty Balm. Optical brighteners instantly diffuse light and diminish the appearance of fine lines and blemishes while helping even out skin tone over time.


Balance-n-Brighten Baked Color Correcting Foundation is a unique creamy powder that can be used on its own or combined with your favorite primer or liquid base for a flawless finish. The luxuriously smooth and silky texture helps offset ruddiness, brightens sallow tones, and balances most complexions. When it comes to Baked powder foundations, it’s important to know how to properly use your brush. Paired with the Retractable Kabuki Brush, Balance-n-Brighten provides lightweight, skin-perfecting coverage. For fuller coverage, use a smaller brush (or retract your kabuki brush!) and target problem areas.



To combat blemishes and to create the perfect canvas for your make-up, you need a concealer that provides full coverage, without weighing you down. With all concealers, try to match your natural skin tone. Err on the lighter side if you are unsure, and blend fully.


My best-selling Real Deal Concealer is the ideal antidote to those flaws that have always plagued you--childhood scars, dark under-eye circles, even birthmarks. It provides serious coverage in a blendable formula that is oil-free and full of healthy vitamins. If you’re unsure what shade to choose, remember that most women are Light or Medium.


If you want versatile shade options in one palette, my Mix-n-Match Dream Creams Concealer & Highlighter is for you. Using your ring finger or a small brush, apply any of the creamy stripes of concealer to the under-eye area and dark, recessed parts of the face. Blend and layer on two or three colors to get the perfect shade any time of the year (darker for summer, lighter for fall). Dab highlighter over the concealer for luminosity, or use it on cheekbones, brow bones, center of the nose, and other areas you wish to highlight.


Whether or not you use concealer daily, pairing it with your perfect shade of foundation will give you a flawless face. Above all else, make sure the products you use are lightweight and blendable. Nothing looks (and feels!) worse than caked on creams and powders.



Finish off your flawless complexion with my Bronze-n-Brighten for a radiant, sun-kissed glow!


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