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Posted by Laura on Nov 05,2013

Hi Gals!

With Fall in full swing, it’s time to break out the beautiful berry and burgundy shades of lipsticks!


Color Enriched Anti-Aging Lipstick  is fortified with Resveratrol and Hyaluronic Filling Spheres. This creamy, wine-scented lipstick helps smooth the appearance of fine lines, making lips appear more voluptuous and youthful-looking. Try Cabernet Crush—a creamy plum with pink undertones.


Italian Marble Lipsticks  were inspired by our luxurious, Italian-made Baked Collection. This swirl of light and dark pigments creates a vibrant depth of color on the lips, while its unique formulation provides smoothing and softening benefits, thanks to moisturizing emollient oils. Try Berry Banana—a warm berry cream shade.


If the cooler temperatures are starting to make your lips feel a bit dry, we have just the thing! Double Dipped Lipstick 2-in-1 Creamy Lip Color is our luscious lip wonder that features side-by-side shades of lipstick in one handy tube—perfect for those fickle moments when you can’t decide on a color, or when you simply want to blend your own signature swatch. The luxurious, creamy formula also packs in Shea Butter, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E—moisturizing ingredients that leave lips soft, smooth and super-kissable! Try Fiji Kiss—a satin nude warm pink tangerine beige and a bronzy smooth, tawny brown berry.


Looking for a truly luxurious soft touch matte lipstick? Crème Couture Lipstick has a light, airy, practically weightless feel on your lips, with an unexpected moist, creamy comfort that lasts, all while providing total coverage with just one swipe. This revolutionary formula uses silicone, the go-to solution whenever I want something that feels like its gliding on air. Try Bordeaux—a black cherry.


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One in every three women refuses to leave her home before putting on makeup. In the workplace, a quarter of women fear that a lack of makeup directly results in the loss of a promotion. In actuality, it is what you wear underneath the makeup that can give your look that special glow.


Perhaps you are preparing for a fast paced day at work and you are looking for that chic and professional tone, or you have a fun filled night on the town planned and you need a dazzling look that will make your features pop. Either way, powder foundations and makeup primers are must haves for your professional makeup supplies kit.


The function of quality foundation is to balance your skin tone while reducing the appearance of minor scars and blemishes. As a base, this provides the ideal environment for makeup to be applied seamlessly and in a way that is a natural fit for your skin. Compared to both cream and liquid foundations, a power foundation is likely the ideal match for you if your skin tends to be oily.


Makeup primer is another product that functions in much the same way as foundation, with a lightweight yet durable quality. Available in a variety of shades and hues, you will undoubtedly be able to find the primer that best suits you.


If you have questions or comments about professional makeup supplies, or suggestions about foundations and primers in particular, you can share them in the section below.

Did you know that makeup has been used for thousands of years? The Ancient Egyptians are known to have used anti-wrinkle creams made from frankincense, wax, moringa oil, and cyprus mixed with plant juice. Since that time, different types of makeup have been developed, too. One-third of women say they will not leave their house unless they have applied their makeup. If you are one of the many women who are looking for tips on how to apply mascara for volume, or other professional makeup tips, here are the top three.


Highlighting Powders

Are you looking for a way to accentuate your cheek bones so that you can have that chiseled look you have always wanted? Try using a highlighting powder in conjunction with a bronzer. Take your best bronzer makeup that is two shades darker than your skin and apply it to your cheeks. You will lose the roundness and gain sharper, more defined cheekbones.


Lip Primer

Yes, there is a way to make your lipstick last longer. The best way to give your lipstick staying power is by using lip primers. Think of lip primer as a foundation that you apply to your lips. This helps keep your lipstick looking smooth, and allows it to stay where it should be for longer. The best lip primers have the added effect of moisturizing your lips and shielding them from the drying effect associated with some lip makeup. To use it, simply apply it to your lips as you would a lip balm, before applying anything else.



Mascara may be the most popular of all the different types of makeup. It can really help to accentuate your eyes and allow you to make a fierce impression. According to MakeupGeek, the key to successful mascara application is choosing what is right for you. Do you need mascara for volume, for length, or for curling? If you are not sure what works best for you, consult a professional. Whatever the type, you should start applying mascara at the base of your eyelashes to get the full effect, both top and bottom.

An added tip is to make sure you replace your mascara often. Most estimates say that even the best mascara should be replaced every three to six months. You can extend the shelf life by keeping your makeup tightly sealed in a cool place. However, you need to replace it when it cakes or begins to lose color.


With all the different types of makeup out there, it can be confusing to know how to use them all. Follow these tips for mascara, lip primer, and highlighting powders to get that look you really want before heading out for your big night. Do your own thing, but do not be afraid to seek professionals for help on defining your style.

The Right Makeup for the Right Face
Posted by Laura on Oct 07,2013

About 25% of working women feel that whether or not they wear makeup plays at least some role in whether or not they get promoted. And 10% of women actually refuse to let their significant other see them sans makeup. So whatever your personal views on makeup or its role in our society, the fact remains that professional makeup tips are big business, and will likely remain so for a long time to come.


The good news is that, as makeup continues to be so vital to so many, technical advances have created product lines that not only make you look good, but that feel better to wear, are easier to apply, and help your skin stay healthy and happy.


Lip primers, for instance, do a great job of keeping color from bleeding or feathering. But they also soften and condition your lips. Which is a good thing, since it gets harder to apply chapstick without smudging your favorite shade.


Powder foundations offer an alternative to those with oily skin. The oils found in many regular foundations can sometimes exacerbate skin problems, but powder foundations (as well as oil free liquid foundations) can provide a solid, healthy canvas for the rest of your touchups, while calming any eruptions that may otherwise occur.


Your makeup and how you apply it can be as personal and unique as your fingerprints. But if something is not working the way you need it to, professional makeup tips can be a great place for advice on how to tweak your setup. Hop online or pick up your favorite magazine in the grocery store checkout, and get the most out of your makeup.

Laura Geller Beauty is renowned as the pioneer of Baked products—cult-favorite, multitasking powders that deliver remarkably vibrant color.


A brand new innovation in Baked, Baked Elements Foundation is formulated with good-for-you water extracted from a 3,000 year old thermal spring in Calabria, Italy.


Recognized by the Italian Ministry of Health as beneficial to the skin, this water is enriched by powerful minerals that - together with antioxidants - help protect and improve skin texture while providing flawless coverage, nourishing hydration and long-wear comfort --- the elements of beauty.


In order to create this luxurious medium-to-full buildable coverage foundation, only the highest quality pigments are mixed with the Italian thermal spring water and Baked for 24 hours on terracotta tiles, then hand-finished by Italian artisans to produce a creamy powder.


Crafted without additional powders or fillers that can cloud color, the micronized Baked pigments wear color true and seamlessly match natural skin tones. These pigments blend seamlessly to create the lightweight, flawless and multi-dimensional finish of healthy skin.


Our proprietary process allows us to create shades customized for your individual needs. Available in six shades (Porcelain, Fair, Light, Medium, Golden Medium, Tan), Baked Elements Foundation wears beautifully and comfortably throughout the day.


Baked Elements Foundation delivers benefits via ingredients such as…

  • Italian Thermal Spring Water is infused with skin-nourishing elements and minerals
  • Hyaluronic Acid helps skin feel more hydrated
  • Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil help to refresh and smooth the skin


Each foundation is slowly baked for 24 hours and hand-finished into silky domes of powder by Italian artisans.


Baked Elements is a hydrating, creamy Baked powder that has a less opaque finish than the typical pressed powder, so the look remains natural without compromising buildable coverage.


Of the women who have tried Baked Elements Foundation:

  • 100% of women saw an improvement in skin hydration immediately after use
  • 100% of women saw an improvement in the look of fine lines immediately after use
  • 100% of women saw an improvement in skin radiance immediately after use
  • 100% of women saw an improvement in the evenness of skin tone immediately after use


I hope this explains the images you will see in our first ever video of our production process!


Tune in to QVC U.S. on 9/16 for a special collection featuring the brand new Baked Elements Foundation.





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