Start Your Makeup Routine the Right Way
Posted by Laura on Jan 03,2014

Start Your Makeup Routine the Right Way


Foundation is the important base that prepares the face for any kind of face makeup routine (remember to prime first with Spackle!). Helping to even out skin tone and cover light blemishes and scars, foundation is available in a variety of types, each of which has benefits and drawbacks for different skin types. The two major makeup foundation types are liquid and powder. So what's the difference?


Liquid Makeup Foundation Types

Liquid face makeup is ideal for those with dry skin who might experience flaking with powder foundations. Generally, it's wise to choose a full coverage type, since it's much easier to make something more sheer than to make it more opaque. It can be finicky to apply, so let's look at the easiest way to correctly use liquid makeup foundation types.

  1. Pour or pump a nickel- or quarter-sized dollop onto the back of your hand.
  2. Dip into the dollop with a dense, flat top brush and dot the makeup onto your nose, cheeks, chin, and around the borders of your face.
  3. Starting at the nose, stipple in small, tight areas, moving to the cheeks and borders of the face. Do the same for the chin.
  4. Take what's left on the brush to stipple above and below your lips.
  5. Re-dip into your dollop and start stippling across your forehead and into your hairline and then under your jawline.
  6. Stipple across the rest of your face and then use the same brush to lightly buff in small, circular motions.


Liquid foundation usually needs to be replaced after about six months. You may be able to extend its shelf life by storing it in a cool area in a tight container.


Powder Makeup Foundation Types

Powder foundation is a good choice for those with oily skin. Baked makeup is an especially popular type of powder foundation, as it provides purer color and a weightless feel. Applying powder foundation well is all about blending.

  1. Work a large powder brush into your compact, making sure the sides of the bristles are receiving the most contact with the powder.
  2. Press the bristles onto your face with a slight rolling motion so that it deposits evenly onto your skin.
  3. Lightly dust powder across your face, and then set with a translucent powder to finish.


Whichever makeup foundation types you use, it's important to allow your foundation to set for three to five minutes after application before applying any cream products.


Choosing the right foundation, and applying it well, is an important step toward flawless face makeup. To make sure you're putting your best face out there, choose a high quality product and apply it with careful technique.

Get Party Ready with QVC and Laura Geller Beauty
Posted by Laura on Dec 27,2013

New Beauty Treats Coming to the UK!
Posted by Laura on Dec 05,2013

UK GGs! I cannot wait to be back on QVC UK December 15th with a very special offer!


Until then, here are some wonderful sneak peeks of our beauty treats coming your way…


Brand New from Laura Geller Beauty


Alison Young, Sarah Jagger and I had so much fun shooting our videos, and we hope you have as much fun watching!


Laura Geller Beauty Studio Tour


Alison and Sarah Catching Up


See you soon! 

Best Primers
Posted by Laura on Nov 15,2013

Hi Girlfriends!


A make-up bag must-have is a great primer! Not only do primers help smooth fine lines, they work to help our other products stay put and keep us looking flawless!


Laura Geller Beauty truly has pioneered the primer category! Spackle®, our innovative under make-up primer infuses good-for-you ingredients into an amazingly lightweight formula. Spackle® creates the perfect canvas for long-lasting make-up application.


Customer Top Rated, Award-Winning, Best-Selling…


Spackle® Under Make-Up Primer is made with natural plant extracts and the powerful antioxidants, White Tea and Centella Asiatica Extracts. These ingredients protect the skin, along with Aloe Vera Gel. Spackle® is lush, incredibly lightweight and suitable for all skin types.


Spackle® Supercharged Fortified Under Make-Up Primer creates a flawless canvas so make-up glides on and looks freshly-applied for hours—now SUPERCHARGED with soothing botanicals and age-fighting antioxidants that help promote skin elasticity and protect from free radicals.


Subtle peach undertones in Spackle® Neutralizer Color-Correcting Under Make-Up Primer “neutralize” skin imperfections: uneven complexion, dullness, veins and freckles.


Spackle® Under Make-up Primer in Ethereal is infused with crushed pearl, licorice root, and nourishing botanicals to help give your complexion a bright, opulent glow.


Spackle® Tinted Under Make-up Primer in Bronze and Champagne have the same features and benefits as the revolutionary best-selling Spackle, but shimmer with a sheer bronze tint or champagne glow!  The bronze tint soothes redness, gives a soft glow, and evens out your skin tone, while the champagne formula provides a little shimmer to really make you glow.


Shop all primers here

The Difference Between BB and CC Cream
Posted by Laura on Nov 11,2013

Hi Girlfriends!


The “BB” in BB Cream stands for “Beauty Balm.” Similar to tinted moisturizers, BB Creams provide light coverage, but are packed with various good-for-you ingredients.  


Our BB Cream All-In-One Skin Perfecting Beauty Balm SPF 21 multitasks to the max! Its creamy yet lightweight formula combines six skin-perfecting products in one tube: moisturizer, broad spectrum SPF, water-resistant foundation, anti-aging complex, antioxidant protection and complexion brightener. Antioxidants work to protect skin from environmental damage while the optical brighteners instantly diffuse light and diminish the appearance of fine lines and blemishes.  Licorice Root brightens and helps even out skin tone over time.


CC Cream, also known as Color Correcting Cream, is similar to a BB cream in that it protects your skin and helps to fight aging, but it is also corrective and combats discoloration such as redness, dullness or dark spots.


Our CC Crème Compact Color Correcting Swirl Foundation SPF 25 Foundation with Sponge perfects while it protects! Its weightless and ultra-creamy formula covers with a color-correcting peach swirl to even out the complexion of the skin, helps to prevent lines and wrinkles, and conceal sun spots.


You can shop our BB and CC creams here!

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