Sweet Luxuries: Get the Look
Posted by Laura on Oct 06,2014

Sweet Luxuries - Get The Look!

Get an instant boost of complexion confidence!

Our cult-favorite Spackle Under Make-Up Primer, renound for its remarkably lightweight formula, glides on to perfect your skin’s texture for effortless make-up application while extending the time between touch-ups.


Showcase your eyes with natural looking shades…

Beginning with Baked Marble Eyeshadow in Pink Icing/Devils Food, sweep the lightest shade across your lids blending up to your crease. Apply the dark shade to your outer lashline and outer crease and blend well.


For a pretty pout…

Apply Color Brilliance Lustrous Lipstick in Zen to lips for long wearing color. 

Bella Vita
Posted by Laura on Sep 26,2014

Hello Girlfriends!


I am incredibly excited for our Today’s Special Value! Life has never felt more beautiful!


With our Italian-inspired assortment of indulgent formulas, luxurious shades and decadent textures, Bella Vita captures the beauty of life in a full-face color collection.


Swirls of self-adjusting pigments in our Baked color correcting foundation deliver a flawless finish. Our NEW Baked Lace Illuminator gives your skin an instant glowing-with-happiness radiance. Create a sexy, screen goddess gaze with two flattering shades of our NEW Baked Eclipse eyeshadow and our silky black INKcredible eyeliner.  StyleLASH mascara lengthens lashes for added drama. Top off your look with our long wearing Color Brilliance Lipstick in a NEW kissable shade of soft rose. With two brushes for effortless application, Bella Vita has everything you need to feel—and look—like your most beautiful you!


Bella Vita Benefits:


- Made in Italy, our baked products start their lives as liquid pigments, which are baked for 24 hours on a terracotta tile and hand finished by artisans


- Baked is better! Weightless coverage, no additional fillers or binders, true color correction, more vibrant color which means you need less to cover


- The NEW Baked Gelato Lace Highlighter comes in a universally flattering shade of peachy gold that showcases your favorite features and contours the face to create dimension and that beautiful lit-from-within glow


- The NEW Baked Eclipse Eyeshadow Duo is the perfect pairing of Champagne and Aubergine to take your look from subtle to daring


- The NEW shade in Color Brilliance Lipstick delivers rich color with luxurious shine in a beautiful, natural shade of dusty rose to make lips look and feel irresistible

- StyleLASH Intense Lengthening Mascara creates flutter-worthy lashes for the ultimate flirty look


- The Double-Ended Baked Applicator and mini Double-ended Shadow/Liner Brush make application a cinch


All presented in a beautiful round box with ribbon that is perfect for gifting –and keeping!


Be sure to check out my ToGather story for even more inspiration!


Thank you to everyone who is tuning in throughout the day. I am so happy you can join me!


Contour & Highlight Face Chart
Posted by Laura on Sep 25,2014

Why Should I Contour and Highlight?

To define the facial structure

To make each facial feature pop

To make the face look more symmetrical

To thin and elongate out certain facial features

To make eyes look wider, brighter, and more awake


Need to Know:

The color used for contouring should be one-two shades darker than your skin tone. Using a darker shade will create the look of a shadow, which will help define each facial feature.


What You’ll Need:


Baked Highlighter & Applicator

Baked Sculpting Bronzer


Step 1: Prep Skin


Make sure your skin is moisturized and prepped with Spackle® Under Make-Up Primer.


Spackle ® Under Make-Up Primer will smooth out the surface of your skin, allowing a smooth and easy make-up application.


Spackle ® Under Make-Up Primer will create a barrier between your skin and your make-up- ensuring your make-up will stay looking fresh all day long!


Step 2: Apply Concealer & Foundation


Before you start contouring and highlighting, it is important that all other face make-up is applied first, this way, all of the beautiful work that you do is not covered up by concealer or foundation.


Eye make-up can be applied before you contour & highlight or after. Some artists like to do eyes first, however, do what feels most comfortable for you. It is truly your own personal preference!


Step 3: Time to Contour


Under Cheek Bone

Using a brush that is a small enough to fit the contours of your face, swirl brush into baked powder and apply directly under cheekbone.


Work baked powder up and down each side of the face, starting right under the apples of the cheek and extending all the way up towards the temples/hairline. This should be applied parallel to the jaw line.


*Quick Tip:  If you suck your cheeks in and make a “fishy face”, you’ll be able to easily find the indentation under your cheekbone.


Nose and Eyes

Using the same brush, apply bronzer to both sides of the bridge of your nose. Start on the left side at the bottom of nose, and carry the stroke up towards eyebrow. Continue to make long, even strokes and apply bronzer from bottom of nose, up towards eyebrow, and directly under brow bone. Repeat this same step for the right side of nose.


*Quick Tip: Blend, blend, blend!  Using a big, fluffy brush (our Retractable Kabuki Brush is perfect), make sure your contouring is nicely blended. This is the key to making your gorgeous work look as natural as possible.


Contouring your nose will actually make the nose appear thinner and smaller.


Contouring under the eyebrow will help define the structure of your eyes and will deepen the crease.


Forehead and Chin


Using the same brush, apply bronzer from the outer corner of your eyebrow towards the upper part of your forehead. Do this on both sides of your face.


*Quick Tip: Remember- we have already contoured directly under your cheekbones. Think about making a “V” by connecting the top of that line to the middle of the forehead. This will also help define the structure of your face and will make the forehead appear smaller.


Do not forget to blend!


Using the same brush, apply bronzer underneath your chin. Start directly under the bottom of your ear, and lightly trace your jaw line, making inward strokes towards your chin.


This will define your jaw line and will make a rounder face appear elongated.


Step 4: Time to Highlight!


Above Cheekbone

Using a sponge-tipped paddle brush, dip brush into baked highlighting powder and apply directly above cheekbones.


We have already contoured under cheekbones. Blush should be applied directly on cheekbones, and highlighter will go right above the blush.


Highlighting the cheekbones adds depth and dimension, ultimately making the cheekbones pop out even more than just contouring alone.



Using the same sponge-tipped brush, apply highlighter on nose. Start where the nose begins in the middle of the forehead, and trace down the center of the nose, all the way to the tip of the nose.


This helps to elongate the nose and will make the entire face look more symmetrical.



Using the same sponge-tipped brush, apply highlighter directly under eyebrow.


This is going to brighten your entire complexion, making the eyes appear brighter, wider, and more awake.


*Quick Tip: Dab a little highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes to make those peepers pop even more!



Using the same sponge-tipped brush, apply highlighter right above your cupid’s bow, which is the indentation your upper lip makes.


This step will make the shape of your lips pop and will make those gorgeous lips look even bigger!


Fall's Chic Color
Posted by Laura on Sep 19,2014


Fall's Chic Color


Going grey is a beauty trend you are definitely going to want to try this fall season - whether it be a grey sweater, pair of boots, or smoky eye. Luckily, the grey lipstick trend hasn't returned...yet! BUT you're going to want to match your lids to the looks of the season. Have no fear! We are here to help.

Here are some beautiful and easy-to-use grey products for you!


1. Eye Rims in Supernatural Smoke

This dark gunmetal grey shadow is PERFECT for your lids this fall. Eye Rimz is a buildable and versatile shadow/liner that creates endless incredible looks. The swirl of rich colors—black, white and colored pearl—creates multi-dimensional results for a stare that smolders.

2. Eye Elements Baked Eyeshadow & Highlighter Quad in Smoke & Ice

H alf of this beautiful palette is a sparkly iridescent champagne highlighter and half is a trio of platinum, smoky steel and sultry gunmetal grey eyeshadows. The highlighter will help your features pop while the slate colored shadows will help to create the ultimate eye look.

3. INKcredible Gel Eyeliner Pencil in Fade to Grey

Fade to Grey is a dark steel color with a silver shimmer. Our INKcredible Waterproof Gel Eyeliner Pencil is waterproof glide-on color stays put from day to night, delivering powerful, vibrant, multi-dimensional color. You don't want to miss out on this liner. 

4. Waterproof Eye Spackle Hues in Grey Gardens

Say ‘hello’ to a multitasking marvel with this smoky grey formula! Not only does it smooth and prime lids for long-lasting eyeshadow wear, it simplifies your beauty routine by eliminating the need for eye makeup touch-ups during the day. Even more amazing, it adds a touch of color. The lightweight, super-blendable formula goes on creamy, and then dries to a stay-put, matte finish. When worn under your favorite Baked or powder eyeshadow or eyeliner, this ingenious primer-and-eyeshadow-in-one improves wear and prevents creasing and fading. 


5. I-Care Waterproof Eyeliner in Gunmetal

This smooth steel grey liner is super long-wearing, water-resistant,  and virtually floats into place. Whether you opt for a fine line, or a lush, smoky eye look, you'll have expertly lined lids that last! A soft, flexible smudger is attached to the opposite end-Perfect for smoky eye creation! Pull the smudger off, and you'll find a handy little sharpener tucked inside. Unlike most eye pencils, I-Care Eyeliner has a retractable point.

QVC US Customer Choice Beauty Awards Nominees!
Posted by Laura on Aug 22,2014

Hi GGs! I am so honored to have TEN of my products nominated for the 2014 QVC U.S. Customer Choice Awards! I can't thank you all enough for your continued support! Vote HERE for your faves and spread the word!

Check out the nominees:

Take the first step every morning in keeping your lovely look with our Spackle Under Make-Up Primer and a cup of joe!

BRAND NEW CATEGORY! Create youthful luminosity & look and feel beautiful every day with our Baked Vanilla Highlighter!

The eyes have it. Dress them up with our six-piece I-Care Waterproof Eyeliner collection! I-Care Waterproof Eyeliners feature a stay-put formula that lets you create expertly lined lids that last.

Bronze-n-Brighten Baked Bronzer is our revolutionary bronzer featuring swirled color-corrective pigments that create a natural-looking tan, with a dewy, radiant finish!

The swirl of light and dark pigments in our Italian Marble Lipstick Trio creates a vibrant depth of color, while its unique formulation provides deeply smoothing and softening benefits, thanks to moisturizing emollient oils!

After trying, you wont want to leave home without our Balance-n-Brighten Baked Foundation! Our unique Baked powder can be used on its own or combined with your favorite base for a flawless finish!\

OurBaked Marble Eyeshadow Duo is a split dome of baked eye shadow on one side, and creamy baked eyeliner on the other! You haven't lived until you've tried these beautiful pigments!

Our famous Blush-n-Brighten Baked Blush creates a gorgeous flush, no matter the season!

The appearance of under-eye circles and other imperfections disappear with a sweep of our Seamless Finish Concealer Stick. Our lightweight, buildable formula glides on, setting to a natural matte finish. Creating a natural-looking and refreshed look.

Our Tri-Tip Applicator Brow Marker is true next generation brow-perfection! Create tiny brow hairs w/the tri-tip applicator or turn it on its side and use it for single strokes!


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