Tips For Your Bake Sale TSV
Posted by Laura on Sep 20,2011

Hi Friends,


Hope you are all doing great. The weather is getting cooler and the days are getting shorter but there is nothing better than the Fall. Reading your comments on my Facebook page and on the Beauty Banter, a lot of you are loving my Bake Sale Today’s Special Value and I couldn’t be more excited. The colors are luscious and go well for this season. Many of you have shared with me how you use your collection but I thought I would take this time to share with you a few tidbits on how to get the most of our your Bake Sale collection.


  • All “slices” of the Eye Pie can be used wet for richer payoff and the 2 browns can double as liners. Dampen the liner end of the included brush before dabbing into the shadow for more dramatic color pay-off, and carefully line your upper/lower eyelids. The dark chocolate, mocha and pink hues allow for a variety of different looks.


  • My Spackle® Tinted Under Make-up Primer in Ethereal not only keeps your makeup looking fresh and flawless for hours, but it also works beautifully when worn alone. It will give your skin a subtle glow of radiance. You can wear it at any time, day or night.


  • For a rosy, all-over glow, blend your Balance-n-Brighten together with your Blush-n-Brighten. Swirl your kabuki brush across both domes and apply to face for a flawlessly flushed finish.


  • Because of its brightening benefits, you can also use your Ethereal Spackle over your makeup as a highlighter. Apply a small amount to the apples of your cheeks, the bridge of your nose and under your eyebrows to instantly brighten your look. The result you will achieve is a dewy and radiant face.


  • My Italian Marble Lipstick in Strawberry Toffee is so sheer and creamy, you can also use it as a cheek stain in a pinch! Dab the lipstick on the apples of your cheeks and blend into the skin. Beauty on the go!

I hope you have found these tips to be helpful. If you decide to give any (or all!) of these a try, please feel free to share it with me on Facebook or Twitter.






Hi Geller Girls —

I'm so excited to be bringing you on September 9th my newest Today’s Special Value: Bake Sale.  This collection should be as self-indulgent as a cup of coffee and a scrumptious cupcake.  For the first time in a kit I’ll have Spackle Tinted Under Makeup Primer in Ethereal.   I’m super excited about my newest palette of gorgeous eyeshadows, Baked Eye Pie Shadow Trio in Birthday Cake. The silky, shimmery dome features three “slices” of pure, baked-in color in a full-sized portable compact. You’ll love the scrumptious shades of chocolate, mocha and creamy strawberry that can be used to highlight, contour and emphasize the eyes.  Blush-n-Brighten Baked Cheek Color in Pink Buttercream is the perfect petal hue swirled with copper and gold flecks (and it’s perfect for every Geller Girl). It leaves cheeks rosy and glowing.  And to top it off, it also comes with an Italian Marble Lipstick in Strawberry Toffee, a classic warm pink with copper undertones and Double Ended Shadow and Liner Brush.

I know you’ll love this all baked collection.  See you September 9th starting at 12am EST (or 9pm for you ladies on the West Coast).

Oh, and how could I forget Fashion’s Night Out.  I’m so honored to be included in QVC’s Fashion Night Out event in New York City on September 8th.  If you’re in the city, join us for cocktails, a live QVC broadcast, star-studded multimedia experience, beauty experience with our best makeup artists.  Or be part of the Laura Geller Tweet Suite by following us on Twitter all night long.  Tweet using the hastag #QVCFNO and tag @LauraGeller in all your tweets to join in on the fun.





Tune in to QVC on September 9th!
Posted by Laura on Aug 29,2011

Hi friends,  
Are you getting excited for September 9th?  I know I am.  I have a special treat for you all. Many of you have been asking for details for my upcoming Today’s Special Value. I could write to you and give you hints but I think the video below offers a better explanation. Enjoy!



Hope you all enjoyed the video. I am off for some relaxation with Daniel as we head to a wonderful vacation just in time for the reveal of my TSV. I can’t wait to show you all of the wonderful goodies I have for you.


Oh! And be sure to stay tuned to my Facebook and Twitter for a special announcement. Hint: it includes QVC and Fashion’s Night Out!! So exciting!!




Thank you!
Posted by Laura on Aug 28,2011

Hi Geller Girls,


I cannot tell you how thankful I am for all your votes for the 2011 QVC Customer Choice Beauty Awards.  I am so happy to have won for Best Primer, Best Blush and Best Eyeliner.  It means so much to me knowing that you appreciate the hard work my team and I take to make each and every one of you happy. I know I say it all the time but it's true … I would be nowhere with out you all. Please watch the video below as a token of my gratitude.



Love you,



Balance-n-Brighten with SPF
Posted by Laura on Aug 15,2011

I hope you all are having a wonderful Summer.  There have been many posts and calls to my Studio with questions about the new Balance-n-Brighten w/SPF 15 so I thought it would be very helpful to you if I laid out all the facts clearly in one place for your reference. Since I take such pride in always delivering the very best formulas to my girls I never want to cause any confusion or concerns when it comes to my formulas.


All shades of my Balance-n-Brighten color-correcting foundation have always contained titanium dioxide (creates a shield on the skin to prevent UV damage) from day one!  The first product ever sold and every product since then has had this physical sunscreen pigment in the formula, however the formula was never specifically tested for SPF, therefore I never spoke to it on air.  The titanium dioxide is a naturally occurring mineral that is used as a color pigment and a UV filter.  Titanium dioxide is a physical sun screen - it is rare (not impossible) to have an allergic reaction to this sunscreen. 


The main attribute of Balance-n-Brighten was always intended to be a color-correcting foundation.   Since we always listen to your requests  -  when SPF was suggested to be added to this formula - we worked closely with our chemists in Italy to insure each shade has an SPF of 15.  My chemists were able to achieve the SPF 15 for all shades by making slight tweaks to the amount of titanium dioxide (ranging from a 1% to 3% increase).  The best part is we did not compromise the color-correcting properties and most importantly the texture, coverage and appearance on skin of the original formula my gals love.    


Gals, I also want to remind you that each Balance-n-Brighten is hand made by artisans in Italy.  It is an arduous manual process that includes the hand blending of 6-8 color pigments (including titanium dioxide used as a pigment) to achieve the skin color-correcting properties. The hand process insures a gentle swirling together of the pigments so that each color maintains its original properties (this is the opposite of blending or mixing ingredients together where they breakdown and take on one combined color).  If you were to break apart or mill together many tablets of the same shade you will find the same exact amount of each pigment, this means the hand crafting causes the different overall appearance of each product. I liken the process to a swirled ice cream cone where the gentle swirling insures each flavor keeps its distinct flavor unless it melts.  In short, you can never look at two products of the same and expect them to look identical - but don't let that fluster you, I promise you the payoff will be the same! 


Lastly, I've been asked if we intend to carry both the SPF and non-SPF formula of Balance-n-Brighten. QVC will eventually migrate to only the SPF formula as they sell thru stock.  To give you a preference, my Studio, website and ULTA will carry the non-SPF formula (as the SPF formula is exclusive to QVC right now).  I have no plans to discontinue the non-SPF formula at this time.  


I truly hope this clarifies the many questions I've seen and heard.  Please reach out to me on Facebook if you need any further clarification. 


Love, Laura


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